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Best Doctor Who 80s T-shirts

I've been a Doctor Who fan for over four decades, and I grew up on the original, classic Doctor Who series  back in the 1970's, which featured Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker as the timelord. Of course, the series actually started in 1963 (long before I was born) with William Hartnell being the first ever Doctor.

The original Doctor Who series came to an end in 1989 while Sylvester McCoy was playing the seventh Doctor. Anyone living in the UK aged around 30+ will have some memories of the classic series, and the DVD releases by the BBC remain very popular.

Anyway, I could waffle on about the subject for many an hour, but as this post is actually about T-shirts, let's discuss them!

If you're trying to conjure up a gift idea for a sci-fi or Who fan, then at one of these quirky T-shirt ideas should be useful to you. I've picked out some of the best retro or 80s themed designs, some of which are real head-turners!

Before I start, you may be interested to know that there is an official Doctor Who store at both Amazon UK and, and you'll find a wide variety of quirky products. If you're a Whovian then trust me, you really need to visit these stores...

Doctor Who shop UK

Doctor Who shop U.S.

If you're from the UK, then I can also recommend visiting the BBC store, too.


Okay, let's take a look at some T-shirts!

Doctor Who Tom Baker comic T-shirt
Dr. Who comic Tom Baker T-shirt
Fans of the fourth Doctor or the Dr Who comics will love this T-shirt. The image is taken from "The Return of the Daleks"comic book and is available in adult sizes from small to XX-large. This design isn't available in the U.S., unfortunately.

Doctor Who Tardis T-Shirt
Tardis with Union Jack T-shirt
Now, this is a pretty cool design. Featuring a glowing Tardis design with distressed British flag, this has a vintage feel and is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available for men in black or grey. It's one of the most popular T-shirts on Amazon, although it's not available for ladies for some reason - sorry ladies! Sold by Ripple Junction in the U.S. and the official Doctor Who store in the UK, this tee is available at Amazon UK and

University Of Gallifrey T-Shirt
University of Gallifrey T-shirt
The most popular Doctor Who T-Shirt in the UK is actually for ladies, proving that the days of sci-fi geeks being a male only domain are long gone! Without wishing to sound patronising, Gallifrey is the home planet of the Doctor and the timelords, just in case you're wondering! There are numerous variations of this design available for adults.

University of Gallifrey T-shirts at Amazon UK

University of Gallifrey T-shirts at

Tardis (Police Box) T-shirt
Tardis - Police Box T-shirt
This fabulous design is a personal favourite, and is proving to be a very popular choice for Who fans. I sell many of these through my links on my website ( This exact design isn't available in the U.S., but there are several alternatives.

Tardis T-shirt U.S.

Tardis T-shirt UK

Dalek Space Invaders 80s T-shirt
Tardis Invaders Game T-shirt
Now, here's a great idea for a game - dalek invaders! Based, of course, on the classic Space Invaders, this design would be ideal for wearing to an 80s party/event and would be a great talking point. Tees are available for both men and women.

Officially Licensed Tee (UK only)

Dalek Invaders T-shirts UK

Dalek Invaders T-shirts U.S.

Based on the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing image by The Beatles, the band have been replaced with four Doctor's emerging from the TARDIS. It's a very inventive idea and there are many suppliers selling this design or adults and kids. If you're from the UK then I would recommend buying from Eat Sleep Shop Repeat at Amazon for the best quality. They supply the T-shirt in 12 colour choices and sizes up to XXXXXL. However, you can see all suppliers selling the tee using the following links;

Gallifrey Road T-shirts UK

Gallifrey Road T-shirts U.S.

Official Dalek Haynes Manual T-shirt
Official Dalek Haynes Manual T-shirt by BBC

This is a stylish and fun design which features a dalek as it would feature on the cover of a Haynes manual -  should you ever wish to repair one! Back in the 80s, many people would repair their own cars with the help of a Haynes manual. This is a great idea and this officially licensed T-shirt from the BBC shop at Amazon UK is available in sizes small to XX-large. This design is not available in the U.S., although you can a similar design on a blue T-shirt from the Doctor Who store at

K-9 Doctor Who Haynes Manual T-shirt
K-9 Haynes Manual T-shirt
You either loved or hated K-9, but fans of the robotic dog (who was the fourth Doctor's companion) will love this T-shirt which is an official design.

K-9 T-shirt at Amazon UK

Sadly, this design isn't available in the U.S., but you may be interested in this next design...

K-9 poster T-shirt
K-9 Poster T-shirt XXXL
This tee is only available in a size XXXL and in a sand colour, but it is an official design, at least, and customer reviews have been very positive.

K-9 Poster Tee at

Keep Calm Have A Jelly baby Doctor Who T-shirt

There are numerous "Keep Calm" T-shirts available with a Doctor Who theme, and this particular one (which is an official design) is my favourite. Fans of the classic series will know that the fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker) was very fond of Jelly Babies and one even offered one to Davros! These tees are amusing, on trend and an ideal gift for Whovians.

Keep Calm Have A Jelly Baby T-shirt UK

Keep Calm Have A Jelly Baby T-shirt U.S.

All Keep Calm Doctor Who T-shirts UK

All Keep Calm Doctor Who T-shirts U.S.

Well, I hope you like the designs that I have picked. If you're a fan then also visit the Dr Who page at my 80s website for video clips, pictures and info.

You can see many more 80s costume ideas for men on my website

Friday, 12 February 2016

Best David Bowie T-shirts

Visiting from the U.S.? Scroll to the bottom of this post for my top picks at Alternatively, you will find some fantastic designs and great deals available to buy on eBay.

I managed to find a nice range of original and unique designs at Redbubble and Tostadora who both ship to the UK and US. What I really like about both stores is that each design is available for men and women and can be printed on a range of clothing items, not just basic tees.

David Bowie T-shirts have always been a popular choice on my 80s website ( Inevitably, after his death in January 2016, there has been a steep rise in the popularity of not only David Bowie T-shirts, but also other merchandise as well.

However, unsurprisingly, a lot of printing companies have suddenly appeared on Amazon offering Bowie-related T-shirts to try and cash in. Therefore, I thought it would be useful to try and sort out the wheat from the chaff, and present you with the best suppliers to buy from - these are the most popular designs which are being printed by well-established companies. Alternatively, another store which has lots of great designs from top T-shirt suppliers is eBay.

David Bowie Aladdin Sane T-shirt
Aladdin Sane T-shirt
The Aladdin Sane album from 1973 is a real classic and this men's T-shirt featuring the album sleeve artwork (by Amplified) is the most popular (and possibly the coolest) choice through our website. 
David Bowie Blackstar T-shirt
Blackstar album T-shirt
There are numerous T-shirts available with artwork from Bowie's final studio album. This one by Illegal Art Boutique is receiving rave reviews and is made from Gildan heavy cotton with double stitching. At just £9.99 including delivery (subject to change) it's a great price, too. Believe it or not, there are actually T-shirts featuring a white star which is preposterous. This tee is available in maroon, grey or white for sizes small to XX-large.

If you're looking for a great deal then you will also find a page full of suppliers selling the Blackstar T-shirt on ebay and the prices are very competitive here.

David Bowie Smoking T-shirt
Official David Bowie Smoking T-shirt
This Bowie smoking design has always been very popular on my website, and the shirt I would choose is this official one which features a retro photo of Bowie with a cool, yellowish hue. Although it's a men's tee, many ladies appear to find this one a good fit (not too tight). Official merchandise is usually a safe bet, and the price is very reasonable at £11.93 to £15 including delivery depending on which of the three sizes you choose. You can also buy an official design produced by Ripleys Clothing which is available in five sizes and sold through Amazon UK.

David Bowie T-shirt by Ripley's Clothing
This iconic image of Bowie has gained in popularity recently and, once again, this is official merchandise produced by Ripley's clothing and sold at Amazon UK. Five sizes are available and customers have nothing but praise for the product quality and service. 

Mr. Bowie Ziggy Stardust Cartoon T-shirt
Mr. Bowie Cartoon Ziggy T-shirt
Now, here's a fun design which makes a refreshng change. It's completely unofficial, but it's ideal for quirky types and available in sizes up to XXXXXL in 15 colour choices. 

Ladies purple Mr. Bowie Ziggy cartoon T-shirt
Ladies Mr. Bowie T-shirt (choice of colours)
The same, fun design is also available just for ladies, although with 10 colour choices, rather than 15. I picked out this purple colour which is a personal favourite. Sizes range from 8 to 20 and the tee itsef is 100% cotton.

David Bowie Life on Mars T-shirt
Life on Mars T-shirt
This is a fantastic design and works perfectly on a white tee. It features Bowie's heavily made-up face from the early 70s "Life On Mars" promotional video. Produced by Human Apparel, sizes up to 5 x XL are available with same day despatch from Amazon UK. It's also a Fair Trade product made from 100% cotton.

Best U.S. T-shirts

As promised at the top of this post, here are my top picks from in the U.S., The suppliers are different to the UK and, therefore, many of the designs available in the UK are not available in the U.S., sadly. These shirts are the best-rated by customers from established suppliers.

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80s T-shirt Ideas for Men US

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Saved By The Bell T-shirts

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I will be focusing on the original, classic series of Saved By The Bell for this post, and not the dreadful New Class spin-off that aired later in the 90s.

The original (and popular) U.S. teen sitcom aired from 1989 to 1993 and followed a group of friends and their principal at Bayside High School. Do you remember all of the main characters? Well, you don't have to bother thinking too hard because I'm going to tell you, and when you're over 40 you really don't need the hassle of exercising your brain too much! They were Screech (my favourite), Slater, Lisa, Jessie, Zack, Kelly and, of course, principal Mr. Belding.

A Saved By The Bell T-shirt is ideal for both 80s and 90s themed dress-up. Now, I was curious as to whether there would actually be many designs available, and whether the popularity of the series was still strong enough to make it worthwhile producing a T-shirt. Therefore, I was very pleased to see that Amazon UK featured over 130 products, with the U.S. store showing over 500 results.

Saved By The Bell T-shirts at Amazon UK

Saved By The Bell T-shirts at

However, stock at the UK Amazon is rather unreliable and, therefore, you may also like to try eBay. This geo-targeted link can be used in the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia - Saved By The Bell T-shirts at bay

Bayside Tigers Off Shoulder Sweatshirt
Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt  - 4 Sizes
One of the most popular items is this off-shoulder sweatshirt which has a baggy fit and comes in four sizes up to XX-large.

Buy at

There is quite an extensive range of Bayside Tigers clothing available, including many designs of T-shirts and hoodies which you may want to take a look at.

Bayside Pride T-shirt

See all Bayside Tigers clothing at Amazon UK

Bayside Tigers Clothing at

Saved By The Bell Cast T-shirt
Saved By The Bell Cast T-shirt

Saved by the Bell - Cast Men's T-Shirt at

The availability of this T-shirt (and similar designs) in the UK is, once again, unpredictable at Amazon. However, there are plenty of top-rated suppliers selling on eBay. You can use the eBay link in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

More designs can be found by searching for popular characters from the series.

Kelly Kapowski T-shirts
I Love Kelly Kapowski T-shirt
I Love Kelly Kapowski T-shirt
There will be many red-blooded males who had a crush on Kelly, and being a shallow teen you just lust after attractive-looking girls. Of course, as you grow older you begin to realise that there is much more to a person than just looks. Nonetheless, this is a fun T-shirt for wearing to an 80s, 90s or retro TV-themed party or event, or just for wearing out and about to create a talking point. This particular tee was only available at the U.S. Amazon, with the UK store showing "currently unavailable". However, you may want to check this link to the supplier as stocks may have been replenished - Kelly Kapowski White T-shirt for Men

I managed to find suppliers from the states selling on eBay to the UK, although the postage is, understandably, quite steep.

Kelly Kapowski T-shirts at ebay

This geo-targeted link to ebay can be used in the U.S., UK, Australia and Canada.

Kelly Kapowski T-shirt for women
UK Kelly Kapowski T-shirts
Green Kelly Kapowski Men's Tee
I really like this design and the T-shirt is a regular fit available for sizes small to XX-large. This design was not available at the UK Amazon store, but there were sellers on eBay.

Screech Powers T-Shirts

Screech Powers Black T-shirt for Men
Screech Powers T-shirt at Amazon UK
Played by Dustin Diamond, Screech was, of course, the geek/nerd of the group, but also one of the best-loved characters. The T-shirt above comes in a choice of 15 colours in sizes from small to 5 x XL. Unfortunately, it;'s not available at the U.S. store, but here is a live feed of some items available...

Zack Morris T-Shirts

While the boys were all drooling over Kelly, the girls were going weak at the knees for heartthrob Zack Morris. You may remember that he was the lead singer and lead guitarist for the band Zack Attack. Well, here's a T-shirt featuring that very band...

Zack Attack Saved By The Bell T-shirt
Officially Licensed Zack Attack T-shirt
Sadly, this tee was not available at the UK Amazon. However, there are a few different Zack Attack designs available at Cafepress.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then you may like this pink design.

Pink Zack Attack 90s T-shirt
Pink Zack Attack World Tour T-shirt
Once again, this design was not available at Amazon UK, but there I did find some alternative designs on eBay. You can also use the following geo-targeted link in the U.S., Canada and Australia;

Zack Attack T-shirts at eBay

Well, I hope I've inspired you with some good T-shirt ideas. You may also be interested in the following links;

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Create a Miami Vice Don Johnson Costume

Don Johnson's white suit in Miami Vice
Don Johnson Miami Vice Poster
If you were to ask me to name one TV series that really embraced 1980s culture, then it just has to be Miami Vice. It had it all, including the fashion, the music and the excess. The clothes worn by Crockett and Tubbs had a big influence on 80s fashion, and they would change their outfits up to eight times in just one episode! T-shirts worn with pastel suits (with rolled-up sleeves) and Ray-bans became the must have style for men.

In particular, it was Don Johnson's James "Sonny" Crockett character that was the most influential. The white linen pants worn with slip-on loafers and no socks created a laid-back style that men everywhere wanted to replicate. An Italian sports jacket and a pastel or black T-shirt completed the look. The unshaven style adopted by Johnson also became popular, and became known as "designer stubble". Miami Vice became renowned for bringing the latest European fashion trends to our TV screen.

A T-shirt worn under a pastel or white cotton suit is going to be essential for creating a style similar to that of Don Johnson.

The quickest and cheapest option is to buy a ready-made costume. I found three choices at Amazon which were all under £30, although the one I have featured below looks superior to the other two.

Miami Vice Costumes at Amazon UK
Obviously, the most expensive option is to buy a white cotton linen suit. However, finding a complete suit is almost impossible these days, although you can buy the jacket and trousers/pants separately.

White Cotton Suit Jacket
Marco Carlotti Cotton Suit Jacket
At £59.95 (as I write), this designer jacket is not a cheap option for fancy dress purposes. However, if you really want to look the part and/or you plan to wear your 80s outfit to more than one party/event, then you may want to treat yourself.

Marco Carlotti white cotton trousers
Marco Carlotti Whute Trousers
The matching trousers were £39.95 (subject to change) making a grand total of £99.90,

White cotton jacket
White Cotton Jacket by Sodial

However, I have managed to find this white cotton jacket for under £15. The XXL size is a U.S. size and is Large is the UK size. Options for other sizes are displayed underneath the jacket at Amazon.

There are also plenty of other cheaper options for trousers, too. I recommened searching for White Trousers.

White Sports Trousers
White Bowling Trousers
This pair of bowling/cricket trousers is priced at £11.99 to £15.99 depending on the size you choose.

White Shoes - Loafers
White Loafers
To complete your look you'll need a pair of white loafers. I found this pair by Gio Gino for just £9.95. Wear without any socks for an authentic look.

You'll discover many more 80s costume ideas for men at our website