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80s Wall Art Ideas

Ghostbusters 80s Film Poster
Ghostbusters Poster at
Whether you want to give a room in your house a touch of retro coolness, or you want to add a complete 80s theme, using posters and prints is one of the easiest ways to it. So where are the best places to buy 80s wall art?

The biggest and most diverse range of  1980s themed wall art I have seen is at They ship worldwide, and they have literally thousands of different designs in stock.

Abstract 80s Wall Art
Abstract 80s poster at
The obvious search terms to use are "80s poster" and "80s print", depending on how large you want your wall art to be. However, while you will find many great ideas using these searches, there are hundreds of pages to get through, so you may want to narrow down your search further. Indeed, you could base your theme on a particular movie or pop star from the era.

Geometric 80s Triangles Poster
Geometric 80s Triangles Poster
Totally 80s Abstract Art Framed Print
Totally 80s Framed Print

Abstract and pattern artwork looks particularly good in a frame.

Posters at Amazon

Another decent store to find 80s posters is Amazon. The designs are more mainstream than those at redbubble, but you will find some good movie and pop star ideas, nonetheless. The UK store certainly featured a better range of products than the US one, though.

80s Posters at

80s Posters at (US)

80s pop stars montage poster
10 x 80s Pop Star Posters
This low-cost and handy pack of 10 posters featuring the biggest pop music acts from the 80s was available at the UK Amazon,

Posters and Prints at Redbubble

Okay, as this post is about giving you wall art ideas, let me give you some right now. I've linked to as they have, by far, the biggest and most interesting range of posters and prints.

The most impressive 80s wall art (and the most expensive!) comes in the form of framed and metal prints, art prints and photographic prints. If you want to add a touch of class to a room, then try the following search terms;

80s Framed Prints

with a choice of frame colours and background colours.

80s Canvas Prints

Printed on a cotton/poly blend Canson canvas for bright whites. UV protection lacquer and long life inks.

80s Photographic Prints

Superior quality silver halide prints printed on professional photo paper with fine grain pebble texture.

80s Art Prints

These are printed on stunning 240gsm natural white archival paper with archival ink.

80s Metal Prints

These are available with a high gloss or satin finish and infused with lightweight, cleanable aluminium with gently rounded corners.

Theme ideas

I have linked the following theme ideas to the posters section at, as posters are the most popular and cheapest form of wall art and ideal as a decoration at parties and events.

80s Car


80s Movie



80 Video Game

80s Pattern

80s Abstract

Rubik's Cube

80s Computers

If you want to opt for a retro gaming theme, then search for "80s Computer Games" on google and you will find a very helpful list of popular titles displayed at the top of the screen.

For a movie theme, type "80s Movies" into google and, once again, a useful list of popular films will be displayed across the top of your screen.

Another idea is to base your theme on a particular year from the 80s.

Wall Art at Zazzle

Another store that has a large selection of 80s themed posters is Zazzle. Here are links to the UK and US stores;

80s Posters at

80s Posters at

Corey Tiger 80s Retro Tiger Pattern Poster
Corey Tiger 80s Retro Tiger Pattern Poster by COREYTIGER
Check out Prints & Posters online at

Corey Tiger is an artist that specialises in colourful 80s artwork and has many exclusive designs on the site.

Corey Tiger Posters at

Corey Tiger Posters at

Finally, here are some popular posters I found at Redbubble to give you some more inspiration...

Frogger Retro Gaming Poster
Out Run Video Game Poster
Out Run Video Game
The A Team Poster
The A Team
Brian Johnson The Breakfast Club Poster
Brian The Breakfast Club
Cafe 80's Back To The Future Poster
Cafe 80's Back To The Future
80s Abstract Pattern Poster
80s Abstract Pattern
Keanu Reeves in the 80s Poster
Keanu Reeves 80s
ZX Spectrum Poster
ZX Spectrum
I'm Alexis Carrington Bitch Poster
Alexis Dynasty
E.T. versus Aliens 80s Movie Poster
E.T. Vs Aliens Poster
TV Test Card
Rainbow Brite 80s Cartoon Poster
Rainbow Brite
I hope you have found 80s wall art inspiration from my post. I'll leave you with some related links;

Versatile 80s Stickers

80s Posters

Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to Create an 80s Punk Costume

80s Punk Man and Woman
Punk Costumes at Amazon UK
Creating a 1970s or early 80s punk look for both men and women is a whole lot of fun, and there are very many different punk styles you can opt for. Punk is about breaking the rules, and this also applies to punk fashion. You can mix and match different punk rock subgenres to create a style all of your own making.

Red Tartan

British punks shoved their middle finger up to the establishment by wearing Royal Stewart, which was synonymous with the upper crust and royalty. Tartan was worn in the form of shirts, skinny jeans, mini skirts, tutu skirts, dresses and jackets, Tartan bondage pants with lots of zips became very popular. You can also add tartan patches or strips to a denim jacket.

The following searches will display an extensive range of tartan and other punk trousers for both men and women. However, as tartan is more synonymous with British punks, the range of products is bigger at the UK store.

Punk Trousers at Amazon UK

Punk Pants at

For a skinhead (heavy mod) style wear tartan braces over a tipped polo shirt, with drainpipe jeans with turn-ups and cherry red Dr. Marten boots. Add a Harrington bomber jacket in colder weather.

Bondage Pants
Red and blue plaid tartan bondage pants
Red and Blue Tartan Bondage Pants

This pair of bondage skinny pants is a popular seller through my website They are available from Tiger of London at Amazon UK. Sadly, they are not available in the U.S.

The store features a wide range of punk and gith clothing products including bondage pants, boots, studs, T-shirts etc. There are also some non-punk items, too. They're certainly well worth a visit.

Sid n' Nancy Ex Army Shirt by Tiger of London
Also at the store, you will find a wonderful range of other punk clothing and accessories including skirts, skinny pants, jackets and studs. The Sid n Nancy jacket shirt above is £12.99 as I write, with £1.99 delivery. This is subject to change, of course.

Hell Bunny Red Tartan Mini Skirt with Buckles

Tartan Skirts

Other styles and colours of plaid tartan also became popular. A fantastic source for punk and gothic tartan skirts and dresses is Hell Bunny at Amazon. You'll find around 60 tartan products to choose from at the British store, although in the U.S. the range isn't quite as extensive. As you will see, some of the skirts feature a punk-influenced bondage theme with buckles and zips.

Hell Bunny Tartan Clothing at Amazon UK

Hell Bunny Tartan Clothing at

Fishnet/Mesh Top

Mesh vest tops can be worn by both men and women. If your female, then to enhance your punk look add fingerless fishnet gloves and/or ripped fishnet stockings/tights.

80s punk girl wearing black fishnet top
Black Fishnet Top
The link above is for the UK, but you can also find a range of Fishnet Tops at in the U.S.

Slashed Skinny Leggings
Cut Out Punk Leggings UK
An alternative to fishnet tights are these cut out leggings which are also available in the US.

Black Leather

This was another popular choice of material in the form of motorcycle jackets, leather trousers and mini skirts. Of course, by far the cheapest option is faux leather, and this is especially useful if you are opposed to the use of real leather products.
Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Finejo Motorcyle Jacket for Men
In terms of value and popularity, this faux leather, punk zip jacket really fits the bill. With a price of just over £20, that will leave you with plenty to buy the rest of your costume with. Although this exact jacket isn't available in the U.S., there are plenty of very similar punk jackets at

High quality studded real leather punk rock jacket
High Quality Genuine Leather Punk Rock Jacket
At the other end of the scale we have this top of the tange real leather jacket which is available for an eye-watering £245, and that's in a sale. However, you have to agree it looks the business, and if you're feeling flush then you can't beat the real McCoy.

Camouflage Print

Combat trousers with an army/military camouflage print are a cheaper alternative to bondage pants. Jackets and even T-shirts with a camouflage theme can also be worn.

Camouflage Pants
Camouflage Pants by Dallaswear (12 designs available)
The pants above come in 12 different print designs and are available at the UK Amazon. You can see a big range of combat pants sing the links below;

Camouflage Pants UK

Camouflage Pants US

Metal Studs, Spikes and Rivets

These were often worn on denim and leather jackets and were also used on accessories such as belts, bracelets and boots.

Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks T-shirt
Sex Pistols T-shirt
Shrunken or Ripped T-shirts

These featured political and offensive messages, anarchy symbols, union jacks or graphics featuring popular punk bands, Add one or two slashes (or maybe three of four!) to an old T-shirt, or you could buy a new punk T-shirt and give it a distressed look. Some punk tees come with a ready-made distressed print.

Look out for tees with Sex Pistols, The Clash, Union Jack, Anarchy symbol and The Ramones themes.

Punk Tees at Amazon UK

Punk Tees at

You will find a fantastic range of exclusive and original punk T-shirts at and they ship worldwide. Just select your currency at the bottom of the page on the site. What I particularly like about their website is the fact that each design is available for men and women and on a range of clothing inc. V neck, scoop neck, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. They are often available in a range of colours, too.

Punk Skull T-shirt for Men
Punk Skull T-shirt

Bin Liners

The Sex Pistols popularised the use of plastic rubbish bags as clothing. The use of offensive swastikas and safety pins has its origins in New York, but was soon adopted by The Sex Pistols and less mainstream punk acts. However, I certainly would advise you NOT to use a swastika to create your look!

In the 80s, Mohawks and studded leather vests became popular, as did denim jackets.

Sleeveless Denim Jacket with rivet for women
Sleeveless Denim Vest Jacket for Women
The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets can be bought relatively cheaply these days. Add studs, rivets, safety pins and patches featuring tartan, skulls, anarchy symbols, policital messages and punk bands.

Punk Costumes

Tartan Punk Chick Costume - tartan shirt and faux leather mini skirt
Punk Chick Costume at Amazon UK
There are several ready-made costumes available for men and women, and you can add as many or as few extra accessories as you wish, such as studs, patches, a wig and boots. The costume above is only available in size 14-16 for some reason, but is ideal for creating an instant punk look. However, the description does not say whether the boots or boot covers are included, although it is quite likely that they are not.

Punk costumes/accessories at Amazon UK

Punk costumes/accessories at


Gothic Punk Rock Biker Boots for Men
Gothic Biker Boots by New Rock
For punk boots, New Rock have some very interesting designs. Those boots above look fantastic and are available at the U.S. Amazon store, although they were not available in the UK, sadly.

The most authentic boot choice for the UK is Dr. Marten. Tall boots were popular with both punks and skinheads in the late 70s and into the early 80s.

Ladies Punk Ankle Boots
Ladies Punk Ankle Boots £19.99
Punk Ankle BootsThese punk-influenced boots have obviosuly borrowed their style from Dr. Marten, but they are about a third of the price. While they're not going to last as long as a pair of Doc Marten's, they would be ideal for fun punk dress-up.

There are literally hundreds of punk and goth boots for women available at Amazon UK and

Knee High Canvas Punk Boots
Knee High Canvas Boots. Black, red or white.
Tall canvas boots were also a popular choice with punk girls. These Converse All Stars replicas are aviailable in range of sizes and in three colours. A similar pair are available at the US Amazon in 27 styles. Opt for black, red, tartan or the styles with coloured laces for a punk look.

Punk Button Badges set of 6
Set of six punk pin badges
Pin button badges are the quickest and easiest way to accessorise your punk costume. The link above is for the UK, but you can also buy them at

Further reading;

Punk costumes and clothing ideas for women at

Punk costumes and clothing ideas for men at

Punk clothing and accessories at

Have fun creating your punk look!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Versatile 80s Party Stickers

If you're about to host a 1980s-themed party or event of some kind, then one of the most cost-effective ways to brighten up the decor is with the use of 80s stickers. It's surprising just how effective and versatile they can be, and yet, very few people actually realise that you can buy stickers with an eighties theme.

You could use stickers to create your own party invites, seal envelopes, add to party bags, decorate bottles and jars etc.

Big roll of awesome 80s stickers
This bumper roll of mixed 80s stickers is the best I've seen in terms of value. You get 10 feet of stickers featuring 18 different designs. The designs are cute and cartoony, and probably best suited to females.

10 feet of stickers at Amazon UK

10 feet of stickers at
Roll of 80s stickers

Sadly, I couldn't find anything else available at Amazon, which is a great shame. However, some of the best sticker designs I've seen are available at Zazzle, and many are exclusive to the store.

View all 80s stickers at Zazzle UK

View all 80s stickers at Zazzle US

Here are a few of the designs I found to give you an idea of what's available. You can buy the following items in rolls of 20. The links are to the UK store, but I have added links to the US store underneath each item.

Corey Tiger is one of the best designers around and produces a wide range of unique and amazing 80s designs. I highly recommend you view them all (there are currently 248 of them) using the following links;

Corey Tiger Stickers at Zazzle UK

Corey Tiger Stickers at Zazzle US

Here are a few examples. The picture links are to the UK store, but I have added links to the US store underneath each item.

Corey Tiger 80s Vintage New Wave Neon Splatter Round Sticker
Corey Tiger 80s Vintage New Wave Neon Splatter Round Sticker by COREYTIGER
New Wave stickers at Zazzle US

There are also many excellent designs by other designers at Zazzle...

Stuck in the 80s square sticker
Stuck in the 80s square sticker by shelbysemail2
View at the US store
80s Stickers at

Another store that sells a massive and unique range of 80s stickers is Redbubble. The only downside is that stickers are priced individually, which makes them a tad expensive. However, if you want a mixed selection of high quality, exclusive designs - there are over 13,000 of them - then this is the place to go to. Just about every 80s theme is covered including gaming, films, cartoons, toys, technology and more.

Please note that you may need to change the country and currency options at Redbubble. £pounds, $dollars and Euros are available.

1987 Mixtape Sticker
1987 Mixtape Sticker
Stickers for each year of the 80s are also available at Redbubble, and these would be very useful for birthday parties.
Pac-Man Sticker
Pac-Man Stickers
With so many stickers available at the site, you will find it easier to narrow down your search further such as Pac-Man or Back To The Future.

Brick To The Future Lego Funny 80s Sticker
Back To The Future Stickers
Here are some more 80s themes to consider;
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

For everything 80s visit my website

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Funny 80s T-shirt Ideas

Everyone has a sense of fun (well, maybe not my neighbours but that's another story) and a T-shirt that brings a smile to the face of those who feast their eyes upon it brightens up not only their day, but your own day, too. These funny tees have a 1980s theme and are ideal for wearing to the many retro music festivals and events that are taking place this year - 80s Rewind is one such example.

80s Fashion Sucks Funny T-shirt
This T-shirt contradicts itself by stating that 80s fashion sucks using the classic Katherine Hamnett block letter design from the 1980s. It's a clever idea and this tee is available for both men and women in a range of colours at They ship worldide. Just choose your currency at the bottom of the screen on the site.

Free Throat Hugs Darth Vader Tee
Free Throat Hugs Darth Vader Tee
Free throat hugs from Darth Vader - who can resist? I found this funny tee at with sizes up to XXXXXL. They ship worldwide, too.

I Roll With Rick Astley Blue and Pink T-shirt
Mens I Roll With Rick T-shirt
Millions of us have been Rick-rolled to Mr. Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video on Youtube by clicking a disguised hyperlink, and this tee is a fun idea. It's also available in olive if you find the pink and blue a bit too in your face. You can buy this at 8 Ball T-shirts and from Refugeek at Amazon UK and at in the U.S.
Vote For Rick Astley Funny T-shirt
Vote for Rick Funny T-shirt - 4 Colours
Alternatively, you may like this "Vote for Rick" design which amusingly uses the song lyrics from "Never Gonna Give You Up". "He will never give you up, let you down, make you cry, say goodbye." The Tee is available from Amazon UK (see link above) and in sizes up to XXXL and in black, navy blue, sports grey or white.

Rick Astley Diamante T-shirt
Rick Astley Diamante T-shirt

Women's Don't You Want Me Baby 80s Lyrics T-shirt
Human League Lyrics  Ladies T-shirt
Youngsters will probably have no idea what this T-shirt is referring to. Of course, we all now that it refers to the lyrics from the chart-topping song by synthpop band Human League from 1981. It's available from Direct 23 at Amazon for just £7.99 inc. delivery (as I write). Sizes range from 8 to 16, although you can only buy it in black, but at this price who's complaining? This tee is not available in the U.S. - sorry!

I Come With My Own Theme Music T-shirt
I Come With My Owm Theme Music Cassette T-shirt
This is the perfect funny shirt for those of us who remember creating our own comoilations on a cassette tape. Prices at £13.99 plus delivery, this design is available in a choice of colours from 8 Ball T-shirts.

Choose Death Wham Alternative T-shirt
Choose Death Wham Alternative T-shirt
The most popular T-shirt sold through our 80s website ( is the classic "Choose Life" design. However, this alternative design is a fun(?) idea and is guaranteed to turn heads. It's also perfect for fans of death metal, too. This design from 8 Ball T-shirts is the best I've seen in terms of the letter spacing and has an authentic 80s look, although there are several similar designs available at and the U.S. store

Old School VHS Cassette T-shirt for Men
Men's Old School VHS T-shirt
Show everyone how old school you are with this video cassette themed tee. It's currently just £7.99 at Amazon, 100% cotton and comes in sizes from S to XXL. The only colour available is white, but it shows your truly old school - plain and simple! In the U.S. store the T-shirt is black - don't ask me why?!

"I'll be Back" Arnie Pink Ladies Tee Shurt
Arnie "I'll Be Back" T-shirt
Just about everyone has heard of Arnie's catchphrase from The Terminator movie, There are numerous T-shirt designs with an "I'll Be Back" theme available at, The design above is available for women in a big choice of colours and for sizes from 8 to 20.

See all "I'll Be Back" T-shirts

See "I'll Be Back" T-shirts at

Funny Frankie (Frankenstein) Says Relax T-shirt
Frankie (Frankenstein) Says Relax
There will be oodles of people wearing the classic "Frankie Says Relax" T-shirt at the numerous 80s events, especially as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's ex-lead singer, Holly Johnson, will be attending several of them this year (2016).  However, if you want something more original and funny, then this design for men is guaranteed to raise a smile or two. An alternative, unisex T-shirt and ladies T-shirt are also available.

Black Frankie Says Too Much T-shirt Men's
Frankie Says Too Much T-shirt UK
If you are well and truly fed up with what Frankie Says then this is the tee for you! The men's T-shirt is available in seven colours for sizes small to XX-Large. The ladies tee comes in six colours and the same range of sizes. A blue T-shirt with the same slogan is available at

Keep Calm and Om Nom Pac-Man T-shirt
Funny 80s Gaming T-shirt
If you're a retro gamer (or you know one) then this Pac-Man themed T-shirt available at Amazon UK is both amusing and ideal for the fans of 80s gaming. You can also but this tee in six colours at the U.S. store. Keep Calm and Om Nom T-shirt at

Six Pac Funny Gym T-shirt UK
Now this is funny and the perfect tee for anyone with a beer belly who wants an instant six pack! Let's face it, the only six pack that us 8-bit gamers are likely to see these days is the one labelled Stella Artois at the supermarket! The Six Pac T-shirt is available in 16 colours for sizes up to XX-large. You can buy a similar Six Pac T-shirt in the U.S. for men and women.

Back in my day we had 9 planets t-shirt
Back In My Day We Had 9 Planets T-shirt
Yes, we did indeed have nine planets until some bright spark decided to declassify Pluto, that is - how very dare they! This shirt is available from 8 Ball T-shirts in black or navy for sizes up to XXXL.

Need more ideas? You can view many more 80s T-shirt ideas at our website.

A wide range of unique 80s T-shirt designs by independent artists are available at They ship worldwide and most designs are available for both men and women in many colours.