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She-Ra - Princess of Power Costume

She-Ra Princess of Power Costume
If you're stuck for an original 80s fashion/costume idea for a party or event, then how about becoming She-Ra from the 1980s cartoon?

The twin sister of Prince Adam (He-Man) made her on-screen appearance in the cartoon movie The Secret of The Sword, before featuring as the protagonist in the cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power which first aired in 1985.

If you were a fan of the series then you will remember that she had phenomenal strength, with the ability to lift giant rocks, mountains and, of course, fully grown men! You would be wise not to attempt lifting any of those while on your night out, although, after a few Lambrinis who knows what could happen!

Let me now discuss the actual fancy dress costume. There are dozens of She-Ra costumes available at Amazon from leading costume suppliers.

All She-Ra Costumes at Amazon UK

All She-Ra Costumes at

Whether you want the best quality or the lowest prices is up to you, but there is a costume available to suit all budgets at both stores.

The costume featured above (by Smiffy's) is the most popular style and is very reasonably priced at around £17 to £21 (around $26) depending on the size you choose. These prices are subject to change, of course! This particular costume includes the dress with a cape, headpiece, arm cuffs and boot covers. Oh yes, it's also officially licensed.

Official She-Ra Costume at Amazon UK

Official She-Ra Costume at

You can, of course, buy this outfit directly from Smiffy's if you live in the UK where there is a choice of the standard or deluxe costume. Although both options look very similar, the deluxe version features a latex chest and has a more refined look - the choice is entirely yours.

Deluxe She-Ra Costume
She-Ra Deluxe Costume
I actually found the prices on the Smiffy's store at Amazon to be cheaper than going directly to the Smiffy's site itself. However, this may not always be the case and you may want to check both stores.

She-Ra Deluxe Costume at Amazon UK

Deluxe She-Ra Costume at

Inflatable Sword for He-Man or She-Ra Dress-uo
Inflatable Sword of Protection
She-Ra also used her Sword of Protection as a weapon and you may want to add this to make your costume more complete. You can also use it on anyone who annoys you on your night out!

If you have an eye for a bargain, then you would be wise to also check eBay. There are many top suppliers selling the official costume on the site, and prices are very competitive.

Another supplier well worth checking (UK only) is Angels Fancy Dress. They've been trading for 175 years and have an excellent reputation. I found the official She-Ra outfit available for a very reasonable £19.99 in ALL of the sizes, and this is cheaper than Amazon on the larger size.

Well, I hope I've armed you with enough information to make the right choice for your costume. If you're from the UK then please also check the 80s Fancy Dress pages at our website where you'll find lots of ideas.

If you're from the U.S. then you'll be pleased to know that we have a new, separate 80s costumes US section just for you at the website.

Have fun! Sara (Fashion writer at

Monday, 16 November 2015

Official Ghostbusters Messenger Bags

Ghostbusters Messenger Bags

Official Ghostbusters Messenger Bag
Official Ghostbusters Messenger Bag (UK)
Available at (U.S.)
It still feels like only yesterday when those three eccentric parapsychologists (played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis) were running around on the big screen chasing ghosts in the Ghostbusters movie. Of course, it wasn't yesterday, it was way back in 1984, but those 30 odd years have really flown by!

Every now and then, I come across a gem of a product on Amazon that is screaming out "buy me!". I don't easily give in to temptation, but in the case of this trendy and retro Ghostbusters bag I just couldn't resist! There are actually four official designs available, with the item being my favourite choice,

This top quality bag features the classic logo from the 80s film which is instantly recognisable and the yellow trim gives it a nice finish. The bag itself is more than large enough to put A4 size folders into and is ideal for school/college, although at 47 years old mine is actually used for trips to the local shop and it's especially useful now that plastic carrier bags have become so unfashionable here in the UK. The shoulder strap means you don't have the weight of heavier items (such as 4 litres of milk) taking all the use out of your wrist, as with a carrier bag. I actually have mild Repetitive Strain Sydrome in my right wrist (from using a mouse everyday, I guess), so this messenger bag offers some pain relief! The bag is solidly built and has a sturdy feel and there is also a handy pouch on the front which I find useful for magazines and newspapers, as long as it isn't raining, of course.

Now, if the price of this bag (around £29.99 or $67.20) is off-putting, then you may be interested in this alternative which is less than half the price.

Official Ghostbusters No Ghost logo bag
Official Ghostbusters Messenger Bag at Amazon UK
Available in the U.S.
Although it doesn't quite have the same finish as the top of the range bag, this is still an official item which is double-stitched with foot protectors and an internal zipper pocket. As I write, the price is £14.99 ($21.95) which is very reasonable and it should be strong enough for everyday use.

Ghostbusters Slimer Messenger Bag
Ghostbusters Slimer Official Messenger Bag UK
Buy in the U.S.
A third official design is also available, this time featuring a slimer. The price is £29.99, as I write or $49.99 in the U.S. Again, this bag has the same high-quality, durable PVC synthetic leather as with the first item and is a nice alternative choice if you prefer the gruesome slimer character.

Stay Puft Official Messenger Bag
Stay Puft Official Bag UK
Also available at (U.S)
The fourth and final design features the iconic, giant and lumbering Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the film who had a deceptive smile. With regards to the bag, once again, this is an officially licensed product made from high quality materials. This design is more unisex and more appealing to adults, no doubt.

You can see many more 80s retro bags at my website

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Become an 80s Air Hostess

80s Air Hostess Costume
80s Air Steward Costume UK

With so many bold and daring fashion fads around in the 1980s, the attire worn by air hostesses doesn't often get a mention when discussing 80s fashion. Nonetheless, back in my teen years, I used to dream about becoming a glamorous air stewardess/flight attendant, travelling around the globe in my attractive outfit while attending lots of champagne-fuelled parties - I also liked the scarf/neckerchief! Of course, in reality the job of a "trolley dolly" is probably rather less glamorous and the tight and clingy cut of the outfits were considered to be rather sexist by many feminist groups.

Nonetheless, you can partly fulfill your teenage dreams (or even pre-teen dreams) of becoming an air hostess with a fun costume from Amazon. They're especially ideal if you're looking for a more novel party costume idea and perfect for groups/hen parties.

The costume above can be bought in red or blue, and when you view it at Amazon you will also see a wide-range of other air hostess costumes from other suppliers on the site, so its worth scrolling through the list to find the best price or a different style or colour. The one above comes in four sizes from 8 to 20 at the UK store, although only appears to be in one size at the U.S. store where the choice of the red uniform is more limited.

Retro Pan-Am Air Hostess Costume
Retro Pan Am Uniform UK

This uniform by California Costumes is both sylish and genuine-looking and could be used for a 70s or 80s theme. It includes the dress, neck tie, bag and hat.

There are plenty of other choices available including uniforms with slightly longer and less revealing skirts such as this one;

Retro Pan-Am style air hostess costume
Classic Air Hostess Costume UK

Pan-am ceased its operations in 1991, therefore, these costumes can be used for both 70s and 80s themed events/parties. The uniform above has a clean, classic style and you will see plenty of other choices when you select the links above. 

Another outfit you may like to consider that has a strong 1980s them is this Top Gun Officer costume...

Top Gun Female Officer Costume
Top Gun Officer Costume UK

The official costume includes the dress, hat and gloves and look pretty authenticand glamorous. 

You can see many more outfit ideas at Mark's website Have fun - Sara.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Retro Rentaghost T-shirts

Rentaghost logo black T-shirt for men
Rentaghost T-shirts at
Searching for an uber cool T-shirt that no one else has thought of can be a daunting task. A retro tee is always a pretty cool choice (well, almost always!), but even more so when it manages to turn heads. You just know that when you catch dozens of people glancing at your T-shirt that they're thinking "cool tee, where can I buy one of those?" - well, hopefully!

A Rentaghost T-shirt is certainly a unique and geeky choice, and geek fashion is certainly very chic right now, particularly if it's purely British. Only if you're of a certain age will you remember Rentaghost, which was a pretty zany kids comedy series which aired on BBC1 during the late 1970s and into the first half of the 80s.

The logo has many similarities to the Ghostbusters design, except it was created long before the Ghostbusters movie was first shown in 1984. However, while the film's plot revolved around extinguishing ghosts, Rentaghost, of course, was about hiring them out!

The first design on the page features the logo with a reverse print effect, with the ghost being white and the text being black, whereas, the original logo featured a clear ghost with a white outline and white text. The new design certainly stands out more and the shirt itself comes in a range of colours with sizes up to XXXXXL. A T-shirt for women is also available in  a range of colours with sizes up to 20.

The T-shirt is, of course, ideal for Halloween and certainly a more geeky and original choice than a Ghostbusters design. However, there are a couple more Rentaghost designs available, the first of which looks very much like the original logo.

Authentic Rentaghost Logo T-shirt for women
Rentaghost T-shirt for Women
This design by Cultzilla looks much more like the original and is, therefore, is more authentic, although none of the T-shirts are actually official. The women's Tee comes in sizes 8-16 and a Mens T-shirt is also available for sizes up to XXL.

Just Call Rentaghost White T-shirt for Men
Just Call Rentaghost T-shirt
This 100% pre-shrunk cotton T-shirt is available from Sherbert Dip at Amazon UK in sizes up to XXXXL. The ladies T-shirt is available for sizes 8 to 16.

Timothy Claypole Rentaghost Jester T-shirt
Timothy Claypole T-shirt
I managed to find this design featuring the disobedient jester Timothy Claypole, who became the most prominent and best-loved character in the series. This one was available on ebay.

You can read more about Rentaghost and watch video clips at my website

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Create an 80s Roller Disco Look

Neon 80s disco girl in hot pants
Neon 80s Roller Disco Girl UK

80s fashion and music fads came and went in the blink of any eye, as did the demand for roller skates, skateboards and BMX bikes. Roller discos which arrived here in Great Britain in 1984 - the idea was imported from the U.S., where they had been erecting roller discos during the late 70s and early 80s disco craze.

This 80s skater girl costume (above) can also be used for a workout look, and consists of a shiny blue jacket, pink boob tube and yellow shorts with green detailing and side V. However, the outfit does not include the necklace, bangles, wig, fishnet gloves, net tights, roller skates and leggings, but these can easily be purchased separately, and this gives you the opportunity to create a more individualistic style. Scroll down the page to see these accessories.

Create your own 80s Skater Girl Costume

It's relatively easy to create your own look. Let's start with those retro shorts. There are plenty available at Amazon and here are some great ideas;

Retro shorts (U.S.)

You will find a very decent range of shorts at Amazon by using the search terms 80s Shorts and Retro Shorts and the prices won't break the bank.

Baywatch 80s Fitness Shorts

Although this has little to do with roller discos, while searching, I came across these authentic-looking Baywatch lifeguard shorts, and you could use these to create a complete Baywatch costume. Sadly, the shorts are not available in the U.S., although you can purchase a complete costume.

Retro Beach Running SHorts for Women
Summer Beach Running Shorts by A-Express (UK)
A similar product is also available at 
I discovered the following shorts at Amazon UK;

Retro interlock black and white shorts
Retro Shorts (choice of colours)
Retro 80s Shorts for Women
Pink Retro Drawstring Shorts

80s Roller Disco Tops

The jacket that comes with the complete costume at the top of this page is impossible to find separately. However, there are many easy-to-find items you can use.

You could add a 1980s style T-shirt for a simple, but very effective look.

Neon Pink 80s Fishnet Top
Neon 80s Mesh Tops at

Mesh tops cans be worn over vest tops, crop tops, sports bras, lace bras (if you're feeling confident) or leotards.

Ladies Strappy Camisole Vest/Tank Top UK

The easiest and cheapest option is to opt for a simple black sleeveless top. This can be particularly effective if you add a neon mesh top and other neon accessories.

If you're from the U.S. then you'll find lots of ideas for 80s T-shirts and Tops at our website. UK visitors should visit this 80s T-shirts page at our website.

Other Accessories

All of these accessories can be used to complete your costume. These pictures link to the UK store, but I've added links to the U.S. store underneath them.

Retro 80s Beach Shorts for LAdies
Ladies Retro Shorts with Drawstring

Above we have a pink bunches wig, long, green fishnet gloves, net tights, neon leg warmers, neon beaded necklace in four colours, 80s bangle bracelets, long fishnet gloves in a choice of colours, an 80s mesh top which is available in five colours and a sweatband set.

The pink bunches wig is unavailable in the U.S., so I have added an alternative choice. You can also opt for just a headband to save on costs, or if wigs aren't your thang.

You can, of course, add as few or as many accessories as you want to, and you can choose your own colours and styles. Any of the items on this page could be combined to create your very own, unique 80s fitness outfit.

Retro Roller Skates
Retro Roller Skates £44.95
If you want to go for the full roller skater style then you'll need to splash out on some retro-style skates, unless you already have some, of course! Okay, they're not cheap, and maybe too expensive for a fancy dress look, but if you actually go skating in your spare time then you'll get good value out of them, and you will also own a pretty cool-looking set of retro skates.

If those skates are out of your price range then how about some much more reasonably priced retro trainers/pumps?

Ladies Flat Canvas Hi-Top Retro Pumps
These trainers are available at the UK Amazon and are very reminiscent of the Converse Chuck-Taylor hi-tops that were very fashionable back in the 80s, but cost a lot less which makes them ideal for fancy dress purposes. They're available in sizes 3-8.

You may also want to visit the 80s Fashion pages at for more ideas. The page 80s Workout Fashion contains many more ideas.

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