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Where to find the cheapest 80s Wild Child Costume for ladies

Fun Shack 80s Pop Star Costume
80s Wild Child Costumes from £13.99

Just recently I've been looking back at which women's costumes have been the most popular sellers through my 80s nostalgia website, and there is no doubt that the wild child costume is the most popular choice on the Madonna fancy dress pages.

The outfit is based on the clothes that Madge wore in the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan and includes the now iconic bolero style jacket with animal print detailing. The original jacket sold for $252,000 in 2014, but you won't need to give your bank manager a heart attack to buy the fancy dress version, thankfully!

Now, there was a time when only one or two suppliers were selling the fancy dress outfit. However, there are now numerous suppliers, and because of this the price has been falling steadily over the twelve months - which is good news for the customer, of course!

The cheapest suppliers I've seen are on ebay and prices of just £13.99 can be found at top fancy dress suppliers. Considering that the cheapest price was over £20 not so long ago, that's quite a price drop!

I've added a live feed from ebay and have set it to include only top-rated sellers which leaves you at a much lower risk of encountering a dodgy supplier. You can scroll through the list using your mouse wheel or finger if you're using a tablet or mobile phone.

The best price I've seen recently at Amazon UK is just £14.99 at UK365Express.

These cheaper costumes are probably unofficial clones of the original version by the supplier Smiffy's, but if you're looking for a one night only costume then they're certainly a bargain. The downide is that they are only available for sizes medium 8 to 10 and large 12 to 14.

If you're looking for larger sizes then I'm afraid you'll have to open your purse a little wider - isn't it always the case!

Sizes up to 26 are available from the costume produced by Fun Shack which is described as an "80s Pop Star" costume but looks pretty identical to the Wild Child costume by Smiffy's.

80s Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan Costume
Original Smiffy's Wild Child Costume
Many of the costumes on offer are, no doubt, copies of the original and you may feel that buying the outfit produced by Smiffy's is your safest bet. The prices have been as low as £17.00 in recent times for the medium size and £21.49 for X-Large. The original also remains the most popular choice on my website. Included is the bolero jacket, top, tutu, lace leggings, gloves and bow headband. Please note that the wig is not included with any of the costumes featured on this page.

Desperately Seeking Susan Fancy Dress Costume Adults

Friday, 24 July 2015

Create an 80s Party Girl Costume

80s Party Girl Costume
80s Party Girl
For this post I'm going to show you how to quickly piece together the costume featured above. The main focus of the outfit is the 80s Party Girl T-shirt which has eye-catching, Katharine Hamnett style block lettering in neon colours. Now, you can, of course, use different accessories to create many looks based around the tee. Let me show you how to create the look from top to toe.

80s Party Girl
80s Party Girl T-shirt
The T-shirt

Obviously, this is the main component and I've linked to ebay where there are usually at least a couple of suppliers selling the tee. If you're from the UK then you can also buy the shirt for £14.95 in size 8-10 at the Fancy Pants Party Store. A small/medium size is also available from TotallyCostumes at in the U.S.

White and Pink 80s Party Girl Tee for Women
White and Pink 80s Party Girl Tee
This white version of the tee can be bought from Wonder Costumes at the U.S. Amazon store.

The 80s Wig

This is, of course, optional, but there are literally hundreds of wigs you could use and the orange and turquoise ones featured in the two pictures above match with the colour of the lettering. Orange is very much a Halloween colour and using a matching orange wig and ra-ra/ruffle skirt would be ideal.

Fiery Cyndi Lauper 80s Wig
Cyndi Lauper 80s Wig
This fiery Cyndi Lauper style wig would look great at any party.

Long, colourful fringed party wigs for women
Long, Fringed Party Wig (UK)
Okay, so these wigs aren't particularly 80s, but they have a vibrant, "I want to party" feel to them and the neon colours go well with the T-shirt.

80s Funky Fresh Wig for Women by Goddessey
80s Funky Fresh Wig 
This spiky rainbow wig by Goddessey is really vibrant and eye-catching and can be bought from 7th Avenue Store at If you're from the UK then you can sometimes buy it through ebay although it is not available at Amazon UK, unfortunately.

80s Neon Rainbow Wig for Ladies
80s Rainbow Wigs at ebay
You can view a whole range of colourful wigs available from the numerous fancy dress suppliers on ebay using the link above.

Bracelets and Bangles

Neon 80s gummy bracelets and neon beaded necklaces
Neon Gummy Bangles and Bead Necklaces
There is a wide range of 80s and neon bangles, bracelets and necklaces available through ebay.

Neon Skirts

The biggest range of low-cost 80s skirts is available at ebay and these include the tiered ra-ra/ruffle petticoat style being worn by the girl featured at the top of this page.

The quickest way to complete your look is by purchasing a tutu skirt set with leg warmers and fishnet gloves included. There is a huge range available from leading fancy dress suppliers at Amazon UK and the prices are very competitive.

Unfortunately, such sets aren't available at the U.S. Amazon store, but you can see a wide range of 80s Skirts, Leg Warmers and Fishnet/Mesh Gloves that can be bought separately.

Hot Pink Ruffle Tutu Skirt by Smiffys
Hot Pink Ruffled Skirt by Smiffys
This tiered tutu skirt by Smiffys is a very popular choice and available at (U.S.).

Leg Warmers

Plain Neon and 80s leg warmers are in abundance at many fancy dress stores and can be bought for just a few £pounds or $dollars. However, the styles are numerous and you can also use striped designs for a more eye-catching look.

Neon Rainbow Striped 80s Leg Warmers
Neon Striped Leg Warmers

Visit the 80 Fancy Dress page at Mark's website for many more ideas.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Amusing 80s Knitting Magazines

Pins & Needles magazine Aug 1980
Pins & Needles magazine August 1980
You just know you're in for a good laugh when an article is about hand-knitting in the 80s! You may remember my post Shockingly Bad 80s Jumpers from a few weeks ago, and this post has a disturbingly similar look to it!

I'll start with this magazine from 1980 which features a very early example of geometric patterns (sort of!) which became very popular during the decade. Maybe it was this very magazine that started it all? Hmm, I think not! The old saying "blue and green should never be seen!" springs to mind for this sweater - yuk!

As we move through the decade you will notice how the fashion becomes ever more colourful, although it really doesn't make these jumpers any more wearable.

1983 family knitting magazine
Woman's Day Family Knitting 1983
Back in the eighties we certainly weren't afraid of bold colouring as this jumper shows. Red, yellow, blue, grey and purple make a wonderful combination don't you think?

1985 Ladies Geometric 80s Jumper
Machine Knitting News 1985
This cover is about as 1980s as you can get! Geometric patterns (particularly triangles) were extremely fashionable and this lady is wearing the ultimate 80s jumper, with accompanying bangles and big earrings.

Knit It magazine 1986 WHSmith Wool Shops
Knit It magazine 1986 - WHSmith Wool Shops
Yes, even WHSmith were into knitting back in the day and were trying their best to persuade us all to knit a jumper just like this one back in 1986. It has very gorgeous 80s patterning!

Sandra fashion knitting magazine Sept 1986
Sandra fashion knitting magazine from September 1986
This very lovely jumper would have been the perfect choice for a children's TV presenter. It even has a touch of aztec styling which became fashionable in the 80s.

hand knitted 80s jumper Sandra magazine Aug 1987
Sandra magazine August 1987
Now, that's quite a steep price rise from 65p to 90p between 1986 and 1987. Mind you, that colourful sleeveless sweater looks a darn sight better than the first one on the page and has a touch of Esprit-influenced styling.

You can read much more about 80s fashion at our website

Friday, 3 July 2015

Original 80s Hair Styles - Pictures

For this post I've gathered together some wonderful original pictures/photos of 80s hair styles.

80s hair - side ponytail
Side Ponytail
Out of all the bold and wild hairstyles to come out of the 80s, the side ponytail is probably the easiest to recreate - but only if you have long hair, of course!

80s Permed Side Ponytail
Permed Side Ponytail
Here we have two hairstyles from the 1980s in one - a side ponytail with a perm.

American actress and singer Pia Zadora in the 80s
Pia Zadora
Pia Zadora became infamous in 1982 after her role in one of the worst films of the eighties, Butterfly. She won a Golden Raspberry award for worst actress and worst new star. After this, she ventured into the music world releasing several successful European hit singles, although none entered the UK Top 40.

Stevie Nicks. Big Curly Hair in 1983
Stevie Nicks Big Curly Hair in 1983
The Fleetwood Mac singer had a very successful solo career during the eighties and has now sold around 30 million records across the globe. But we're only interested in her hair for this post, and here we see a fresh-faced Nicks with very curly 80s hair.

1980s Australian fashion - Debbi Whitford
From the 1987 book Fashion Australia!
Not sure which is more extreme here, the hair or the clothing? This picture featured in an Australian fashion book.

Follow Me magazine, March 1987
Chelo Winter Collection 1987
So what do you do when you're having a bad 80s hair day? You cover it with a silly hat, of course!

Sunsilk hair protection 80s advert
Sunsilk Advert

When you've used half a can of hairspray to hold your 80s bouffant hair style in place you certainly won't be needing a space helmet - nothing is going to shift it!

For lots more info on 80s Fashion visit Mark's website - Sara.

80s costumes at
80s Costumes at

Monday, 29 June 2015

Stunning Zebra Print Wall Clocks

CafePress Zebra Print and Hot Pink Wall Clock

Clocks aren't often mentioned in 80s fashion articles are they? After discovering some gorgeously stylish zebra print wall clocks at and also the UK store, I just had to write a post about them as they're ideal for giving a room a touch of retro 80s style.

Pink and black zebra stripes wall clock

This alternative design is also available on the Cafepress store at Amazon. Although I prefer the design, I would struggle slightly to see the actual time on this one. It still looks funky, though!

If you find pink all a bit too much, then you'll be pleased to discover that the clock above is also available in classic black and white.

Black and White Zebra Print Wall Clock

This clock is well-suited to a black and white themed room which appear to be very fashionable at the moment. I recently gave my bathroom a black and white makeover, although I've never really put a clock in their before - there's a first time for everything! By the way, the U.S. version of the clock has a more vertical pattern with no numerals - just don't ask me why!

Lime Green Animal Print Wall Clock
Combining leopard and zebra print, this stunning lime green clock by Janna Salak Designs is really eye-catching and is hand-crafted with a high gloss finish. Sadly, it isn't available in the UK.

Pink Animal Print Wall Clock by Janna Salak Designs
If pink's your thing then Janna Salak also produce this similar design which has the addition of a love heart.

Here are some more designs at that really caught my attention...

Well, I have reached the end of my post - time flies when you're having fun! Sara.

Visit Mark's website for everything 80s

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Shockingly Bad 80s Sweaters - Jumpers

Original black and purple women's 80s sweater
An original 80s jumper
1980s Multi-coloured Pattern Jumper with Matching Leg Wamers
80s Patterned Jumper with matching Leg Warmers
There can't be anyone who lived through the 1980s that didn't wear an atrocious sweater at some point. My memories of oversized, mohair jumpers with ghastly clashing colours and geometric patterns have scarred me for life! The first example at the top of this post is actually pretty tame compared to some of the other attire on this page. It has geometric influences, for sure, but I actually quite like black and purple.

Now, that multi-coloured pattern jumper on the cover of the 80s brochure by Cleckheaton is dire enough on its own, so why on Earth would you want to wear matching leg warmers aswell? That poor girl!

Vintage 80s Knitting Pattern for Girls Bobble Jumpers
Vintage 80s knitting pattern for girls bobble jumpers
Oh dear! Adults wearing atrocious jumpers is bad enough, but why did we have to make our kids suffer, too?

80s knitting pattern for bobble jumper and cardigan by Emu
80s Bobble Jumper and Cardigan Double Knitting Pattern
It seems that we couldn't get enough bobbles during the 80s as this double knitting pattern by Emu shows.

St. Michael (Marks & Spencer) patterned 80s jumper
St, Michael patterned wool jumper
Back in the eighties you would have found jumpers like this on display in Marks & Spencer. I know that abstract patterns were fashionable, but this is looks like it was created in the dark. The patterning is atrocious!

If you are looking for a fancy dress idea for an 80s party or festival, then instead of opting for a ready-made costume you then you can actually find many original tops from the era on eBay and Etsy, allowing you to create your own authentic look.

Oversized 80s Off-shoulder Sweatshirt
Flashdance Sweatshirts at Amazon UK

Failing that, you could try this off-shoulder, batwing-sleeved sweatshirt which has Jennifer Beals from Flashdance written all over it, but not literally, of course. Add some stirrup leg warmers and you have an effective eighties costume.

1980s Ladies mohair jumper
A genuine 1980s Mohair Sweater
Now this is more like it - red and pink together in an argyle-influenced pattern - frightful! But wait, it gets worse!

80s Knitting pattern - chunky knit sweaters

Yes, this cheesy knitting pattern shows us that the whole family could now wear the same style of chunky knit sweater. Would any daughter really want to be seen out wearing their Dad's pullover? Maybe if you lived in the Cotswolds, but for the majority of folk if you went out looking like this then you were asking for trouble!

80s Aztec Sweater for Men
Original 1980s Aztec Pattern Jumper for Men
Now, this pullover is so 80s it hurts! Geometric, aztec style shapes and patterns and lots of ghastly colours combine to make the ultimate 80s jumper for men.

1980s Fair Isle Sweater for Men
Original 80s Fair Isle Sweater for Men
Fair Isle jumpers have been on trend again in recent years, but it would take a brave man to wear this number. There's a fine line between retro cool and just plain ugly!

80s Geometric Grey Shades Sweater for Men
80s Geometric Sweater
There was also lots of grey around in the eighties, and there are several shades of grey (not quite fifty!) in this original geometric, machine-knitted sweater. If you're granny couldn't knit then the machine-knitted pullover was you're best option.

BBC Weatherman Michael Fish wearing one of many knitted jumpers sent in by viewers

Some of the most horrendous jumpers were worn by 80s BBC weather presenters such as Francis Wilson, Ian McCaskill and Michael Fish. Viewers actually used to send in their creations for the weathermen to wear, as shown in the example above. Behind that forced smile you can hear Mr. Fish uttering the words "do I really have to wear this thing live on air?".

Well, I've had a real blast creating this post and I hope you've had as much fun reading it as as I had in creating it.

You can read much more about 80s Fashion at my website