Friday, 12 September 2014

Women's "I Love The 80s" Fancy Dress Costume

Off-the-shoulder 1980s T-shirt for Women
Off-Shoulder 80s T-shirt
For this post I'm going to show you how to quickly put together two "I Loveheart The 80s" costumes, the first of which this lovely lady is wearing. Firstly, you can buy that black, off-the-shoulder T-shirt using the link above. Unfortunately, it's only available for sizes 8-12 for some reason, but there are lots of other stylish T-shirts available. Visit my post "I Love The 80s T-shirts" on this blog to see lots of ideas.

Pink 80s Hair Bow on a Head Band
Pink 80s Hair Bow on a headband
This pink hair bow is attached to on an easy-to-wear, elasticated headband, and can be placed onto a wig or your own hair. It's perfect for adding the finishing touch to many 80s costumes.

Neon Orange Heart Drop Earrings
See All Neon 80s Earrings
There are many 80s style earrings available in different shapes and colours including teardrop, hoop, heart-shaped and geometric. One of my favourite designs is the heartdrop shape above.

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the model is also wearing bangles, too.

multi-coloured neon beaded bracelets for 80s fancy dress
Neon Beaded Multi-coloured Bracelets (set of four)
Neon Bracelets and Belts
This set of beaded bracelets in four different colours is a good buy and just perfect for adding to an 80s costume.

Plain Leggings for 80s Fancy Dress
Plain Leggings Sizes 8-18
Plain Leggings
These low-cost, plain leggings by Monkeying About come in a range of colours and three separate sizes. Of course, you don't have to stick to black. A whole variety of colours were worn back in the 1980s.

Stirrup Leg Warmers by Roch Valley Dancewear
Stirrup Leg Warmers by Roch Valley Dancewear
Leg warmers are the key to giving your outfit a real 80s feel. There are many pages of styles to choose from at Amazon and your biggest headache will be deciding which ones to choose. For an easy option go with pastel or neon pink. Stripes were also a popular choice back in the day. For a dance style (as worn in the movies Fame and Flashdance) stirrup leg wamers (as shown above and available in many colours) are an ideal choice. You may also like to read the post 80s Flashdance Costume

Striped, Knitted Leg Warmers by Trendy Fashion
Striped, Knitted Leg Warmers by Trendy Fashion
Costume 2

80s Tutu Costume for Women
80s Tutu Costume
Here is an alternative to the first costume we have created. Simply replace the leggings with a multi-tiered tutu skirt, or wear it over your leggings.

2 Tiered, Long Tutu (choice of colours)
Pink, Layered Tutu

Black, Multi-Layered Tutu Skirt for 80s/Halloween dress-up
Black Multi-Layered Tutu
This layered tutu skirt is ideal for adding a rock or Halloween theme to your costume. However, there are many pages of low-cost tutu skirts that you can browse through at 

See All Tutu Skirts for Women

You can also see a wide range of 80s fancy dress costume ideas at

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rubik's Cube Clutch Handbag

Rubik's Cube Clutch Handbag
Rubik's Cube PU Leather Handbag
Whether you're looking for a quirky, fun handbag, or an extra accessory to add to your 80s fancy dress party costume, this fantastic-looking clutch handbag should fit the bill. It's made from high quality PU leather and features two inner pockets. It is, of course, designed to look like the best-selling puzzle of all-time, the Rubik's Cube, which first became popular back in the 1980s - I could never solve the darn thing and resorted to peeling off the stickers and placing them in the right order!

This handbag is certainly a head-turner and a great talking point, being ideal for both teens and adults, and once your friends (or work colleagues) see you sporting this bag they'll all want one, that's for sure! I certainly know one young lady who would be very happy to receive this bag as a present as it's just such a cool retro idea - that's one idea added to the Christmas gifts list, at least.

Rubik's Cube Handbag close-up

You may also be interested in the post Rubik's Cube Fancy Dress Costumes on this blog. By the way, you can also find a wide-range of 80s fancy dress costume ideas at my website

Melting Rubik's Cube T-shirt for Women
Melting Cube T-shirt for Ladies
If you weren't tempted by that handbag, then how about this melting cube T-shirt? This particular one is available in four colours and in sizes 8-18. However, the link above will take you to a choice of women's tees with a melting cube theme.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Punk Anarchist Costume for Men

Mens Punk Anarchist Costume
Punk Anarchist Costume for Men
Punk rock started around the mid 1970s and developed into many different styles as the 80s approached. It was not only the music that was anti-establishment, but the clothing, too. Tartan was popular with the upper classes and punks wore it to rebel against them, along with offensive T-shirts, ripped clothing, leather jackets, safety pins, spiked and studded jewellery etc.

Punk fashion is a fun fancy dress idea and this anarchist outfit includes a jacket, top and tartan trousers. As with most fancy dress costumes the accessories are not included, allowing you to accessorize the outfit however you desire. Here are some suggestions.

Spiked Punk Accessories
Punk Accessories
The link above will take you to a whole array of accessories (including studded and spiked chokers, wristbands and gloves etc) from the many suppliers at

Punk button badges
Punk Button Badges
These pin badges are a fun idea and will add the finishing touch to your costume.

Here are some more fun accessory ideas that caught my eye;

Punk Rock Pin Badges
See All Punk Badges £3.99
Studded Elasticated Wrist Bracelet £1.49
Multi-coloured Mohican Wig £4.94
One of the most popular and best-remembered punk hairstyles was the mohican or mohawk. If you want to turn heads with your costume then this colourful wig should do the trick. At under £5 (as I write) the price is very competitive and this wig would look fantastic with the anarchist costume.

However, there are many other punk wig styles available and here are some recommended searches;

Mohican wigs
Punk wigs for men

For more punk dress-up ideas you may also want to take a look at the Punk Costumes page at my website

Monday, 18 August 2014

Michael Jackson Thriller Costume for Adults

Michael Jackson 80s Thriller Costume
Thriller Costume £14.99
No one can argue that the king of pop was at the peak of his career during the 1980s. If they do, then just mention the fact that the 1982 album Thriller is the best-selling album of all-time and they'll need need a damn good explanation why he wasn't.

Staying with the subject of Thriller, Michael Jackson also brought us one of the most iconic videos of the 80s with the epic Thriller single, and the costume he wore has become iconic, too. If you're thinking of an awesome idea for an 80s or Halloween fancy dress party, then you can't go far wrong with that red leather outfit he wore.

Buying a real leather replica costume is, obviously, going to cost a small fortune, so unless you work as a costume designer for Madame Tussaud's, this option is not going to be very practical. Instead, I will show you a range of more reasonably-priced options which won't leave a nasty dent in your bank balance.

No doubt, you will have noticed the first costume at the top/left of this page. This is priced at under £15 including delivery from One Click Wonder at Amazon. A number of other suppliers are also selling the same outfit on the Amazon site, but this was the lowest-priced option. Actually, that's the benefit of using Amazon as all of the leading fancy dress suppliers are competing with each other on the site so you're guaranteed an excellent price. However, you may want to check for yourself as prices fluctuate - see all Michael Jackson Thriller costumes.

Although the picture shows the lookalike wearing those famous sequin gloves, MJ didn't actually wear them in the Thriller video, so for authenticity you're better of without them. However, to complete your look you really need a wig like this one;

Michael Jackson Thriller Wig
Michael Jackson Thriller Wig
This Thriller wig is available for £7.20 including delivery, so you're complete costume works out at £22.19. These prices are subject to change, of course, but they don't normally fluctuate too wildly.

Official Thriller red jacket for fancy dress
Official Thriller Jacket (Adults)
Ladies Thriller Costume

The official Thriller jacket can also be bought on its own for £25.81 (as I write) and ladies can also create a Thriller 80s look using this jacket with a Tutu/petticoat skirt.Here are a few ideas;
Black Tutu for Halloween or 80s Party
Deluxe Black Tutu Skirt £5.63
Halloween Tutu Skirt
Long, black layered ra-ra style skirt

7 Layers Pointed Red Tutu for Halloween dress-up
7 Layers Pointed Tutu
Red Halloween Pointed Tutu

Zombify your face!

If your Michael Jackson costume is for Halloween then you may want to make yourself look like a zombie as MJ did later on in his Thriller video. All you need for this is a zombie make-up kit or you can use white face paint and add some horror scar tattoos.

80s Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume
View more Michael Jackson costumes

You can see more 80s fancy dress ideas at my website

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Madonna Material Girl Fancy Dress Costume

"Materialgirlmusicvideo" by Marqueecapital. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

It's no secret that Madonna was an admirer of Marilyn Monroe, and for her 1984 video for the hit song Material Girl she was heavily inspired by the fashion and dance routine in the song Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend - Monroe performed the routine in the 1953 movie Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

This leads me to a unique and impressive 80s fancy dress costume idea. There is no shortage of Madonna costumes available to buy, but few people think of the iconic pink dress as a costume idea. Of course, the outfit can also be used for 1950s style dress-up, too.

Madonna Material Girl Costume
Marilyn Monroe Costume
The costume shown here is available in two sizes for 6-8 and 8-10. It's certainly not the cheapest fancy dress option for Madonna dress-up, but what you are paying for is good quality and style. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, no large sizes are made, so if you're above a size 10 then you may want to try another type of outfit. Included are the dress, belt, bow and arm gloves. However, the jewellery and wig are not included, but the following wig matches the style well;

Madonna Material Girl 80s Wig
Longer Style Marilyn Wig

Necklace and Earrings for a Madonna Material Girl costume
Marilyn/Madonna Material Girl Jewellery
The jewellery set above includes a rhinestone style necklace and earrings which were pretty similar to what was worn in both Madonna's and Marilyn's dance routine. However. this does not include the silver beaded arm bracelets and there are cheaper alternatives available as shown below;

If you're a bit strapped for cash then you may want to reconsider creating the Material Girl costume as a complete look with all the accessories will leave you with little change from around £70. But if you really want to create an impressive, head-turning fancy dress outfit then this look is absolutely the right choice, and is suitable for 1950s, 1980s, retro, movie and hollywood themed parties and events.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Oversized, Off-Shoulder 80s Shirts

80s Style Loose-fit Batwing Sleeve Top
Loose Fit Batwing Top £7.29
If you're of a certain age then you will probably remember the craze for wearing huge, oversized shirts and sweatshirts back in the first half of the 1980s. After Jennifer Beals wore a grey, off-shoulder sweatshirt in the 1983 romantic dance movie Flashdance, it seemed like every female wanted to copy the look. They were worn like a dress and many variations of the style were created by fashionable women during the 1980s.

To recreate the look you're going to need a very large sweatshirt, obviously, with a loose neck opening. You can also use a long and loose fit T-shirt.

The first top featured here is very reasonably priced and features typically 80s batwing sleeves. You're not going to get the greatest quality at this price, but for an 80s party/event it should fit the bill. Wear off one shoulder and accessorise with items such as jelly bracelets, neon bangles, a big white belt or neon belt, footless tights/leggings and leg warmers.

Off-Shoulder Batwing Sleeved Top
This low-cost, long top with batwing sleeves is available in a wide range of colours and sizes from 8-22. Reviews suggest that you should order a larger size than normal as it is a little clingy, but It's a popular choice through my website and the grey is ideal for creating an 80s dance look. Again, you can add accessories to create the style you're after. 

Another popular 80s fashion was the crop top, and these can also be worn off one shoulder, too. This trend was started by Madonna after she was a cropped mesh top in the video for her hit song Lucky Star. It quickly caught on, and flashing your belly button became highly popular with teen girls.

Short Sleeve Crop Top for 80s dress-up
Short Sleeve Crop Top

I would suggest ordering a larger size than you normally wear if you wish to wear it off one shoulder.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Retro Ford T-shirts

Petrolhead Ford Capri Mk3 S T-shirt
Petrolhead Ford Capri Mk3 T-shirt (choice of colours)

Henry Ford was responsible for developing and manufacturing the very first mass produced, affordable motor cars. During the 1970s and 80s, Ford produced some very memorable and highly popular family vehicles such as the Fiesta, Escort and Granada. The sportier models such as the XR3i and Capri became instant hits with boy racers.

No doubt, there will be many people reading this post who will have memories (good and bad) of driving a Ford car back in the 80s. I became a bit of a fan during my time working at the local Ford garage in the late 80s, where I used to deliver and collect new and used Ford cars from garages around the country, as well as delivering serviced vehicles back to their owners. I was very fortunate to have driven just about every model, so it's no wonder that I became a fan. I only ever drove one Capri, though, and this was an orange-coloured Mk3 similar to the one featured on the first T-shirt above. It was a strange beast to drive - I wasn't used to the low ground clearance - and the bonnet seemed to stretch out for a mile! But that was the point, it was supposed to feel different to the standard family cars and appeal to those who hadn't yet started a family and wanted to splash their cash on a fun, sporty model.

There are plenty of other T-shirts available featuring the Capri through the many sellers at

Classic Ford Capri T-shirt (choice of colours)
Classic Ford T-shirt
Although more expensive than the first T-shirt (around £17.97 plus delivery), I really like the in your face design with the yellow Mk3 Capri. It's available from shotdeadinthehead at Amazon in sizes Small to XX-Large, with six colour choices. I actually like the navy blue colour above which helps the yellow to become more prominent. The design is also available for ladies, too.

60s Ford Shelby Mustang T-shirt for Men
60s Ford Shelby Mustang Tee
For fans of American Ford's this T-shirt may be more your cup of tea. It features three models of the high performance Shelby Mustang from the 1960s and is available in a whopping choice of 17 colours in sizes Small to 6x XL. That should cover just about everyone! Black is always a good choice of colour for men, although the forest green looks particularly good and has a vintage racing green feel.

Ford Escort 1300 Mk1 Haynes Manual T-shirt
Ford Escort 1300 Haynes Manual T-shirt
Ah, the Haynes manual! No car D.I.Y. enthusiast worth his salt was without one, and this officially licensed T-shirt features the inner workings of a first generation Ford Escort 1300. This is one of the most popular Ford tees and available in five colours for sizes Small to X-Large. Personally, I prefer this blue one, although I'm also a fan of orange, too.

Men's Ford Racing logo T-shirt
Ford Racing Logo T-shirt
The Ford logo is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised logos in the world and the Ford Racing division has around since 1901. This heavyweight cotton tee is no less than 30 colours, including some unusual tie dye pattern designs. I like this royal blue one myself which is pretty similar to the colour of the logo. Sizes Small to 6x XL are available, so it should fit just about anyone.

Vintage Distressed Ford Logo T-shirt for Men
Distressed Ford Logo T-shirt
There are plenty of Ford logo T-shirts around, but I particularly like this one which has a vintage feel. In fact, I like it so much I've actually bought one! It's officially licensed, although only available in two shades of grey. The grey actually compliments the logo well, so I'm not too disappointed that no other colours were available. I opted for the lighter grey as shown above, but it's just personal choice, I guess.

You can also view a wide variety of 80s T-shirt ideas at my website