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80s Fair Isle Jumpers and Cardigans

1980s chunky knit fair isle sweater
An original 1980s Chunky Knit Fair Isle Sweater
If you remember being forced to wear a mock Fair Isle jumper that your gran had knitted for you as a child, then you're certainly not alone! My gran tended to knit "loose" and my pullovers always used to be way too big for me. "Don't worry, child, you'll soon grow into it" was a phrase that was frequently used. By the time I had finally grown into it, the sweater was no longer fit for purpose!

Fair Isle is actually an island which is situated within the Shetland Islands in bonnie Scotland. Fair Isle knitting first became popular when the Prince of Wales wore a tank top in public during 1921. These days, the term is used to describe the patterning, and, I suspect, that most Fair Isle style clothing is now manufactured in the far east, and not the genuine article.

Zig zags, diamond shapes, star-like flower heads, lines and dots generally made-up the patterns we all grew up with, However, at Christmas time the patterns were given a rather unpleasant Nordic-style, festive makeover. Unbelievably, those ghastly Christmas jumpers with reindeer and snowmen (that you wouldn't be seen dead in during the 1980s) are actually trendy again, and the more ghastly the look, the more people seem to like them. It's all quite bizarre to me!

Fair Isle has been very fashionable again in recent years, and that gives me the perfect excuse to wear a cardigan - you can't beat a good, old-fashioned cardigan for comfort and practicality - and now I can be en vogue, too!

Fair Isle Jumpers
Matching Fair Isle Jumpers for him and her
Nordic Fair Isle Red Christmas Cardigan
Nordic style Fair Isle Christmas Cardigan

The Starsky Cardigan

One of the most infamous cardigans was the one worn by Paul Michael Glaser wore in the 70s cop show Starsky and Hutch. Finding an exact replica is likely to be an impossible task, but there are cream fair isle cardigans available that have a similar feel. Besides, can anyone really remember the exact patterning anyway?

Cream, Fair Isle Cardigan
Mens Cream Fair Isle Cardigan
Starsky wearing a cream cardigan
The original Starsky & Hutch
As you can see, the patterning on Starsky's cardigan is slightly lower down than featured on the cardigan above.

Starsky Cardigan Costume
Starsky Cardigan Costume
I found this cardigan at Amazon which is designed to be used as a costume, rather than to be worn as casual wear. At £60.99 (price is subject to change) it's certainly not cheap, but if you've always wanted to dress like Starsky, then now's your chance!

The cardigan is also available for £49.99 at Amazon's US store.

Paul Michael Glaser Cardigan at

Friday, 13 May 2016

Fame The Musical Logo T-shirts

White Fame Movie Logo T-Shirt
White Fruit Of The Loom Fame Logo T-Shirt
Before I start, I would like to mention that I could only find one Fame T-shirt for our U.S. readers, and I have included this halfway down the post under "Ladies Fame T-shirts". Fortunately, there are many tees available in the UK, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this post!

Now, imagine being transported back to the summer of 1980. There was one film that every young girl wanted to see and it certainly wasn't Friday The 13th! It was, of course, the American high school musical movie Fame.

However, the popularity of Fame didn't end in 1980. The film spawned a TV series which was particularly popular here in the UK, and in 1982 Irene Cara's theme tune topped the UK charts. The Kids from Fame also had a number of chart hits including Hi Fidelity and Starmaker which both reached the Top 5, and their self-titled album topped the UK album charts for a whopping 12 weeks.Yes, Fame mania became a major part of the 1980s for teens and pre-teens, at least, and with quite a number of adults, too, I would imagine.

Retro Fame logo T-Shirt for men (choice of colours)
British made Fame logo tee
Whether you want to rekindle some fond memories of your teen years or you're looking for a T-shirt idea for an 80s party or event, then a Fame T-shirt solves both these problems in one! You could also create a fun, 80s workout costume. Just add leg warmers, leggings and sweatbands.

By the way, you'll find ladies tees further down this post, but I'll start off with T-shirts for men. I particularly like the clean and simple design of the white T-shirt (above) which features the iconic red logo, and is available in sizes from 34" to 48" chest. It's also available as a slim fit design for women.

If you prefer a different colour then you'll be pleased to know that another Fame logo T-shirt by Tees & Biscuits is available in three colours; black, navy or red. It's designed and printed here in the UK and the logo is larger than on the white tee and is printed (using high quality vinyl) onto a 100% cotton, ringspun T-shirt.

So far, I've only linked to suppliers at Amazon UK. I can also recommend checking out the suppliers at ebay as you can often find a bargain or two here.

Ladies Fame T-Shirts

Okay, here's one for our American visitors. This eye-catching blue tee is available at, although is only available in a slim fit (juniors/baby doll) style cut. However, sizes go up to XX-large, so if you're not happy with a figure-hugging style then go for the largest size. For the same bargain price you can also buy this stunning multiple logo stars tee which is also an officially licensed design. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find this particular design being sold here in the UK.

Official Fame Silver Stars Multiple Logo Tee for Women
Fame Silver Stars Quad Logo Tee

Offiical Fame Logo Organic T-shirts (7 Colours available)
Official Fame Logo Organic T-shirt (7 colours)
A personal favourite of mine is this officially licensed, organic Tee with pink Fame logo which is supplied by Shotdeadinthehead (intriguing name!) at Amazon UK. The light pink seems to work well with all of the seven colour choices and my eyes are drawn to the green one, maybe because it's a bit more quirky and it fits well with my character.

Baby Pink Fame 80s Logo Tee for Women
Baby Pink Fame Tee £9.99 at ebay
I found this tee at ebay and it's also available in classic black and white colours. Sizes range from 10 to 16 and I always prefer a V neck as they tend not to go baggy around the shoulders - it's so annoying when that happens! By the way, I've linked to a search page for Fame T-shirts (filtering out Lady Gaga!) so you can see everything that's available.

White, slim fit red 1980s Fame logo Tee for women
Ladies White Slim Fit Fame Logo Tee
Here is the slim fit tee that I mentioned earlier on in this post. There's only one colour available, although the white tee was a popular choice back in the 80s and it has a very authentic retro feel. You can buy this one from the Vintage Magazine Company at Amazon.

Well, I've reached the end of my post and I'm now off to enjoy a bit of summer sunshine.

You can see many more 80s T-shirt ideas at my website

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Cool 80s Typewriter T-shirts

AEG Olympia Traveller de Luxe S manual typewriter

Typewriter Loveheart T-shirt for Women
Typewriter Loveheart "Free Kisses" Tee
Before the 80s home computer revolution had taken hold, the humble typewriter was the only low-cost method for producing a professional-looking, printed letter. Do you remember the ping? That was the only satisfying part of typing a letter. I also remember the aching fingers and, in my case, only when my waste paper basket was full of screwed-up balls of paper and my bottle of correction fluid was empty, did I finally manage to produce something that looked half decent!

When considering a theme for a retro 80s T-shirt, most people instantly think of the classic and iconic film and music industry designs. However, if you want something a bit more quirky then you probably have never considered wearing a Tee with a typewriter featured on the front.

Some of the most original and quirkiest designs can be found at who ship worldwide.

Available in sizes from Small to XX-Large, the first design featured on this post (by Batch1) would make an ideal Valentine's day gift and features a loveheart displaying the message "free kisses" printed onto a piece of paper coming out of a typewriter. This is a very romantic idea and this T-shirt is available in six colours. Of course, you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to show your appreciation for your partner, and the shirt would make a lovely gift at almost any time of the year for displaying your affection.

Typewriter Snoopy T-shirt
Typewriter Snoopy Tee at
This cute cartoon T-shirt is available for men and women in many colours, and the design can also be printed onto a hoodie or sweatshirt. If you're a fan of Snoopy and typewriters then this is the tee for you!

Snoopy sat at a typewriter T-shirt
Snoopy at a Typewriter Tee
Or you may prefer this one. Hmm, I can't decide...

Typewriter "Writer" T-shirt for men
CafePress Vintage Typewriter T-shirt
I particularly like this design featuring a vintage typewriter with the word "writer." printed underneath in a classic typewriter style font. The design is created by Cafepress and whether you are a writer or not, (maybe you are someone who is still dreaming about being one!) this tee is pretty cool. The next time someone asks the dreaded question "what do you for a living?" then you can just point to your chest! There are nine colours to choose from in sizes small to XXX-large. The military green is my personal favourite.

old fashioned typewriter t-shirt
Old Fashioned Typewriter Tee
This alternative design by CafePress is also available and is printed onto a dark T-shirt which is available in 12 colours. The dark colour not only compliments the vintage design, but is much better for hiding stains, too! has the most comprehensive range of tees featuring typewriters, and here are a couple of my favourite examples;

You will see many more designs underneath the main T-shirt when you select one of the products above.

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Create A Blues Brothers 80s Movie Costume

The Blues Brothers - John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd

The Blues Brothers film is very memorable for a number of reasons, and it had everything a decent 80s movie should have; Two well-known actors (John Belushi and Dan Akyroyd), mouth-watering chase sequences, amusing dialogue and infectious music with lots of appearances by big name singers including Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker, to name but a few.

For a movie or 80s-themed party, or maybe a stag/bachelor night, a Blues Brother's theme is a great idea, and it can also be a low-cost option if you dress-up wisely. The most essential part of the look is a Fedora/Trilby hat, black tie and Ray-ban wayfarer shades. Don't worry, though, as you don't need to spend a fortune on original items.

Blues Brothers Fedora and Wayfarer Glasses Kit
Blues Brothers Fedora and Wayfarers Costume Kit

The versatile costume kit above includes a fedora style hat and Wayfarer style shades and can be bought very cheaply at Amazon - this is cheap option for group dress-up. The kit can also be used to create a 2 Tone/Ska or gangster look, too. Kits can also be bought with a black tie.

Blues Brothers Costume Kits at Amazon US

Blue Brothers Costume Kits at Amazon UK

Total Blues Sunglasses and Hat Set
Total Blues Hat and Glasses Set
This hat and glasses set by TrendyFashion was only £3.99 at Amazon UK, although the price is subject to change, of course.

Buying separate items

A whole range of black Fedora/Trilby hats and replica Ray-Ban Wayfarers are available at very low prices on Amazon.

To complete your look you'll need a black suit, a white shirt and a black skinny tie. In the summer months you won't really need the jacket, and if you have some black jeans then you can wear these instead. However, if you really do want the complete look, hen you'll need a black suit.

Official Blues Brothers Suit Costume by Smiffys (UK Only)
The official Blues Brothers costume includes a jacket and trousers and features a Blue Brothers inscription on the chest of the jacket. The costume does not include the accessories, so you'll need to order the kit above to complete your look. With the suit and accessories together you'll have little change from £35, and you'll need two, of course.

A far better option is to actually buy a proper suit. If you're in the UK then Asda or Matalan is the place to go for a cheap suit. A search for black suits at Amazon came up with some excellent offers, with a couple of suits available for under £30, so it's worth checking out the offers. Of course, you can then use the suit for other occasions afterward.

Black Suits at

Black Suits at

Black Skinny Tie for Blues Brothers Costume
Black Skinny Tie

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80s Style Glasses and Sunglasses

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80s Fashion Pictures - Images from 1984

Madonna in 1984
Madonna in the 80s
Cyndi Lauper in 1984
Cyndi Lauper in the 80s
80s Fashion Trends in 1984

After dying a death during the 70s, mini skirts made a comeback with shiny nylon and leather being the material of choice. Sleeveless T-shirts (known as muscle shirts in the U.S.) were very fashionable with men, as were T-shirts printed with block letter slogans such as "Frankie Say Relax" - you can read more about these further down the page - and these were popular with the ladies, too.

The pictures above feature Madonna Borderline and Cyndi Lauper Time After Time vinyl single sleeve fronts. Note how Madonna is dressed. We see an off the shoulder crop top, a stack of bangles on the arm and jelly bands, Cyndi Lauper's is wearing a fingerless, fishnet glove, a punk-influenced trend that Madonna also was also partial too.

This look was pretty much the norm for fashion-conscious girls back in 1984. Madonna was pretty much a clothing chameleon, and she also created a trend for lace when she wore a lace top on the cover of her 1984 single "Like A Virgin". When she performed the song at the MTV Video Music Awards in the same year, she created one of the most iconic and controversial performances from the 80s when she wore a white wedding dress with a "Boy Toy" buckle and fingerless with white lace gloves. The sexually suggestive "humping" movements towards the end of the performance caused much controversy.

Madonna at 1984 MTV Video Music Awards
Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards 1984
Recreate the Madonna Bride Look

The "Like A Virgin" costume is available at Amazon UK and, although they do not come with the Boy Toy belt. However, this can be bought from eBay (the seller is highly-rated) and if you're in the U.S. also at Amazon.

David Bowie on the cover of TV Times in October 1984
David Bowie TV Times Oct 1984
David Bowie was never one to follow fashion trends and had a style all of his own making. However, in a huge departure from his outlandish costumes, her we see Bowie being considerably more mainstream by wearing a smart suit. Indeed, even musically, Bowie was going through an unusually mainstream period and released what is often considered to be his weakest album "Tonight" in September 1984. When working with Tin Machine in 1989, Bowie stated "There's stuff on the album that I could really kick myself about". He also once stated that he was going through a "Phil Collins" period.

Girl wearing neon 80s make-up
80s Make-Up
Thompson Twins Doctor Doctor single
Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor
Frankie Say Relax T-Shirt
Frankie Say Relax T-Shirt - Buy at
The Katherine Hamnett inspired "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirt became almost as big as the band during 1984. The term refers to not using a condom during sex, and the single "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood was banned by the BBC for its controversial lyrics. Undisputedly, this this led to the song selling well over 1 million copies and topping the UK charts for five weeks.  However, it became even more cool to wear the unofficial "Frankie Says Relax" and "I Couldn't Give Two Sh*ts What Frankie Says" T-Shirts.

Adam Ant with no make-up in 1984
Hello space boy? Adam Ant on the cover of Smash Hits in 1984
By 1984, we had become accustomed to seeing Adam Ant without the heavy make-up. He released just one single this year, Apollo 9, which is why we see the shiny, silver half space suit concoction here.

Duran Duran 1984
Duran Duran's mid-80s hair styles
Duran Duran reached the peak of their career during 1984 with the singles "The Reflex" and "The Wild Boys".

Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon in 1984
Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon Mullets
Blonde highlights and mullet-like long hair (shorter at the sides than at the back) was so very 80s.

Limahl wearing braces
Limahl on the back cover of Look-In magazine in 1984
Ah, braces! Every now and then a pop star decides to try and bring them back into fashion. However, Limahl was best-remembered for his legendary hair style. The singer appeared on the 2012 series of "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" on ITV, and spent a bizarre night with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager in a rat-infested house - how lovely!

Alannah Currie in 1984
This lady had a style all of her own, and she was often seen wearing bizarre headgear (such as an over-sized baseball cap) on top of a crazy hairstyle. The synth-pop band split in 1992 and Mrs Currie is now an artist upholsterer - very posh.

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses in the 80s

80s Wayfarer Sunglasses B&L5022
An original pair of 80s Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Ray-Ban started manufacturing their Wayfarer style spectacles and sunglasses back in 1956, and they were a drastic change from the standard metal frames. In fact, many would describe them as revolutionary.

Wayfarers were highly popular throughout the 1950s and 60s, but after a sharp decline in sales during the 70s, the style enjoyed a mini revival in 1980 after they were worn in the Blues Brothers movie. A major revival occurred in 1982 after Ray-Ban signed a product placement deal - the glasses appeared in dozens of films and TV shows each year - and were worn by leading pop stars and movie stars, which led to Wayfarers being the No.1 choice of sunglasses throughout the 1980s.

Madonna wearing Wayfarers and a headband in the 80s
Madonna wearing Wayfarers in the 80s
Stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Tom Cruise wore Ray-Bans during the 1980s, and their fans quickly followed suit. Madonna became a fashion icon and set trends with accessories including hair bows, fishnet gloves and mesh crop tops.

Tom Cruise wearing Ray-Ban Shades in the 80s
Tom Cruise wearing Ray-Ban in the 80s
The wayfarer style has been enjoying a revival in recent times, and if you want to create a cool, retro look then Wayfarer's are the number one option. However, if you're on a tight budget then don't despair, as you can buy a pretty decent non-official pair for just a few pounds. The trend for retro and vintage clothing is something that isn't likely to go away, either. With each new decade, another old decade becomes classed as retro. We are fast reaching the stage where the 80s will soon be classed as vintage, rather than retro, leaving those of us who grew-up through the era feeling very old indeed!

Brian wearing Ray-Bans in The Breakfast Club
Anthony Michael Hall as Brian in The Breakfast Club (1985)

Super Dark Lens Wayfarer Sunglasses

If your eyes are particularly sensitive to the sunlight (mine definitely are!) then you can't beat a classic pair of 80s style Ray-Bans  There is a truly ginormous range of styles and colours available, and the replicas start at just a few pounds/dollars.

Where to buy Wayfarers

Both and have a huge array of Ray-Bans and replicas starting at very low prices.

Of course, nothing beats a real pair of Ray-Bans, and the RB2132 classic tortoiseshell wayfarer design is a true uber-cool, 80s classic which is currently one of the most popular lines;

Ray-ban wayfarer tortoiseshell sunglasses

However, the RB2132 comes in a range of styles and colours and you don't have to stick to tortoiseshell these days.

Clear Lens Ray-Ban Wayfarer Glasses

Also very popular right now are these geek style plain lens glasses which are available with a black, havana tortoiseshell and dark havana tortoiseshell frame. They're ideal for creating an 80s geek style which is very much en vogue at the moment.

If you don't want to splash your heard-earned cash on the real McCoy, then why not try these;

Hand Made Cherry Wood Sunglasses
Hand-Made Cherry Wood Sunglasses
Sunglasses with wooden frames are a very cool choice, especially if you're looking for something a bit quirky.

Bamboo Sunglasses by Tommy D
Bamboo Sunglasses by Tommy D
Wood Sunglasses at

Wood Sunglasses at

You can read more about 80s sunglasses on our website at

Captain Caveman T-shirts

Retro Brown Captain Caveman Cartoon T-shirt

We all remember this prehistoric cartoon character and his battle cry don't we?

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels was a memorable Hanna-Barbera cartoon that originally aired between 1977 and 1980. If I remember rightly, the first two series were shown as part of a Scooby-Doo compilation show and the third series had its own slot during 1980. Apparently, 40 episodes were created in total.

I remember my friends and I all being big fans of the cartoon and discussing them in the school playground, and it was often shown during the holidays, too. You can now rekindle any memories you have of the series by wearing a Captain Caveman T-shirt.

Not many would associate the cartoon with 80s fashion clothing, but these tees are ideal for a fun and quirky retro look and wearing to a 70s, 80s or cartoon-themed party or event.

Where can I buy Captain Caveman T-shirts?

Rebubble have a nice range of exclusive designs and they ship worldwide. What I like about the site is that each design is available for men and women and can be printed on a range of items including hoodies and sweatshirts.

View Captain Caveman T-shirts at

Captain Caveman Tee Shirt and Keyring

In terms of value, this grey unisex tee with keyring is available for under £10 at Amazon UK. It's officially licensed and available for sizes Small to X-large.

See all Captain Caveman T-shirts at

View all Captain Caveman T-shirts at

Captain Caveman "I'm Bringing Back Sexy" T-shirt

This official "I'm Bringin' Sexy Back" T-shirt is  available at and It's a fun design and available in a range of sizes.

"I'm Bringing Sexy Back" Captain Caveman Tee for Men

This alternative design is available at redbubble

Captain Caveman Ringer T-shirt

This retro ringer T-shirt can be bought at the US Amazon store and there are three colour choices for the edging. Sadly, it's not available in the UK.

Of course, there were plenty of other old cartoons we all used to watch back in the day, and you can get an A-Z ideas at the 80s Cartoon T-shirt page at my website