Tuesday, 28 October 2014

80s Shell Suits

80s Shell Suit Costume for Men
80s Shell Suit Costume
Not many would argue with me when I say that the most awful fashion item to come out of the 80s was the shell suit. This shiny, nylon descendant of the tracksuit became popular with the hip hop and breakdancing scene, and was actually cool for a short while, at least. However, it soon became one of the most socially awkward fashion statements ever seen when they were worn by ageing and controversial celebrities who were trying to "get down with the kids". When comedian Harry Enfield's scouser characters donned them - along with their bubble perm hair styles and inflated liverpudlian accents - this was the final nail in the coffin for the shell suit, creating a stereotype that is still regularly associated with Liverpool.

Of course, the shell suit is also one of the most-remembered styles of the 80s and it's comedic value makes it an ideal choice for fancy dress purposes. 

The first costume featured here is a fine example of the colours and style used for a late 80s/early 90s shell suit. The accessories such as the pink wayfarers, headband and boombox are not included, unfortunately - I will discuss the accessories further down this post.

No size is given for this costume, but you can choose different size and colour options at the checkout on Amazon.co.uk.

Now, that guy in the first picture looks like he's ready for a good old 80s workout, but you can go for a more hip hop look with the following costume;

Hip Hop Shell Suit Costume with Inflatable Boombox
1980s Hip Hop Shell Suit Costume
This fun outfit includes the inflatable boombox but does not include the chain, cap or beer.

Smiffy's Scouser Shell Suit Costume
Scouser Shell Suit
Smiffy's Shell Suit Costume
You can create the classic Scouser style with this costume. The wig and moustache are not included.

As there is quite a variety of costumes available at Amazon.co.uk I would recommend the following search to see the whole range;

All Shell Suit Costumes

Now, as promised I'm now going to discuss the many accessories you can purchase to create the exact style you want to.

Scouser Bubble Perm Wig and Tash
Scouser Perm Wig and Tash
Of course, this wig and tash set can be used to create that stereotypical scouser look. Be aware that it was actually in the 90s when Harry Enfield created the characters, although, the style itself is very 80s indeed, so you could wear the costume for both 80s and 90s dress-up.

Inflatable Boom Box for 80s Fancy Dress
Inflatable Boombox/Ghetto Blaster
Create a fun hip hop or 80s look with this blow-up boombox.

Chunky Gold Chain Necklace
Chunky, Gold Chain Necklace
You can enhance your hip hop/rapper look further with this chunky gold chain necklace.

Here are some more accessories to consider;

80s Mullet Wig and White HeadbandMullet Wig and Headband Mullet Wig and Headband Mullet Wig Neon Headband and Wrist Band SetNeon Headband and Wristband Set Pink WayfarersImitation Pink Wayfarers Hi Top Trainers Retro 80s Hi-Top Canvas TrainersHi Top Trainers

1. Mullet Wig with Headband
2. Mullet on the Go Wig and Headband
3. Neon Yellow Sweat Headband & Wristbands Set
4. Retro Wayfarer Style Sunglasses (choice of colours)
5. Low Cost Hi-Top Canvas Retro Trainers

Have fun wearing your costume. You can see many more 80s fancy dress ideas at my website SimplyEighties.com.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Retro Cassette Tape T-shirts

Retro Cassette Tapes T-shirt for Men - choice of colours
Retro Cassette Tapes T-shirt for Men
Okay, so when was the last time you inserted a cassette tape into a cassette player? It was sometime in the late 90s that I last did this - into my car stereo to be precise - and, as unreliable as they were, it's actually a task that I really miss.

Still, we can still celebrate these long forgotten times by wearing an uber cool retro cassette T-shirt, and there appears to be quite a number of people doing this judging by the number of designs to choose from.

These T-shirts are ideal for wearing at music festivals or retro events/parties, of course, but you can also just do the shopping or mow the lawn in them (or lawns if you're rich) - they're pretty versatile.

For this post, I'm going to hand-pick some of the best designs around, and the first tee that caught my eye was the blue one featured here - this also happens to be the most popular cassette T-shirt at Amazon. It features a bold, but straightforward design featuring many neat rows of different cassettes (32 in all) and the tee is available in 20 magnificent colours. Actually, not all the colours are magnificent - the green wine gum colour is ghastly - but there's something for everyone, at least.

Clear Cassette T-shirt for women
Clear Cassette Tee for Women
I really like the design of this black T-shirt for ladies which features one of those clear cassettes which became very trendy during the 80s. I spent many an evening in a trance as I sat and watched the tape whirling around the spindles while listening to the Top 30 on radio one, while at the same time scratching my head trying to work out when I should start and release the pause button to edit out the DJ's inane ramblings while trying to record my favourite tunes.

Now, this tee is described as vintage which makes me feel mega old. I'm not sure I would describe cassettes as vintage just yet, but each to their own. Anyway, this is a bold, in your face design that would be a useful as a talking point for any potential partner that may come you way at a party, should you be looking for one. If you're not looking for one then it would still make a great talking point amongst your friends.

Scattered Cassettes T-shirt for Men
Scattered Cassettes T-shirt for Men
If the militarian rows of tapes in the first tee didn't float your boat, then how about this design? The cassettes are more scattered about, just as they were in my disorganised bedroom back in the day. This T-shirt is available in bacl or white, although the sizes are limited from Small to Large, with small not being available while compiling this post.

Cassette Stack T-shirt for Men
Cassette Stack T-shirt for Men
If you prefer, you can also have your cassettes in a stack as shown in the above tee. There are two colour choices - navy or burgundy - and the price is a very reasonable £8.99 as I write, but this is subject to change, of course.

Retro Cassettes T-shirt for Women - choice of colours
Cassettes T-shirt for Women
You may prefer the layout of the cassettes on this bright yellow, skinny fit T-shirt for ladies. This is, quite possibly, my favourite design featured here and you'll be pleased to know that other colour choices are available should yellow not be quite to your liking. The tee is available in sizes from 8 to 16 and priced at £14.94 (as I write) it's pretty reasonable, too.

I'll leave you with several more designs that caught my eye...

black and white cassettes t-shirt

You can see a whole range of 80s T-shirt ideas on my website, and here is a selection of other posts on this blog which may be of interested;

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Top Gun Aviator Overalls - Jumpsuit

Top Gun jumpsuit costume for men
Top Gun Official Costume
No discussion about 80s movies would be complete without mentioning the 1986 action movie Top Gun. The main stars were, of course, Tom Cruise (Maverick) and Kelly McGillis (Charlie). If you're looking for an 80s themed costume idea then a Top Gun costume would make a very decent choice.

I'm going to start with the most popular and official choice which is shown above. This is a complete fancy dress outfit which includes the overalls with sewn-on badges and the aviator shades. Simply wear a white T-shirt underneath to complete your look.

However, you can create a much more cost-effective costume by purchasing some low-cost overalls and a pack of sew-on/iron-on badges.

Dutch Army Issue Overalls £10.99
These surplus supply olive green army boiler suits are brand new and unused and ideal for creating a Top Gun costume.

Top Gun sew-on/iron-on embroidered badges tags
Pack of six iron-on/sew-on embroidered badges £7.99

Air force dog tags Aviator Wings Pin Badge

1. Smiffys Dogtags
2. Gold Aviator Wings Metal Pin Badge

You can also add these dog tags and the metal aviator wings pin badge for a more complete look. Please note that the quoted prices are always subject to change.

You can see more costume ideas on my Top Gun Fancy Dress page at SimplyEighties.com.
To get you in the Top Gun mood why not watch the video for Berlin's Take My Breath Away

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Don't You Forget About Me T-shirts

Don't You Forget About Me T-shirt for Ladies - 11 colours
Ladies Crewneck 80s T-shirt - 11 Colours
For this post I'm going to transport you back to 1985. There are too many memorable moments from this glorious year to feature in one blog post, so I'm going to focus on just two of them.

Firstly, Simple Minds were enjoying success in the music charts with their best-known hit Don't You Forget About Me. This song, of course, featured on the soundtrack to the classic John Hughes teen drama The Breakfast Club, and was played in the opening and closing credits.

You can celebrate both the film and the song (two golden moments in time!) with one of several T-shirt designs. You can't fail to have noticed the first one here at the top of this post. It has an azalea pink colour, but there are another ten to choose from so there's something for everyone. The tee is available in sizes from 8 to 16 and the supplier states that it is usually despatched the next day by first class post.

Don't You Forget About Me Simple Minds 80s T-shirt - 10 colours
Men's Simple Minds T-shirt - 10 Colours

Gents will be pleased to know that there is also a T-shirt avaiable for them in 10 colours - the pink choice has been omitted as I can't imagine there being much demand for it! 

Now, I really like the design, but if it's not for you then how about one of these tank tops;

Women's "Don't You Forget About Me" 80s Tank Top
Don't You Forget About Me Vest Top Ladies
This 80s-inspired top features the title of the Simple Minds song written in a Flashdance style font. It's an unusual combination, but makes this top ideal for an 80s workout look. It is also well-suited to wearing to at an 80s festival such as 80 Rewind and for fancy dress.

Men's 80s Vest Top
Men's Simple Minds Vest Top
You may also be interested in the classic style Simple Minds T-shirt which is very similar to the one I used to wear back in the day.

Classic Simple Minds 80s T-shirt - Black
Men's Classic Simple Minds T-shirt
This T-shirt is available in sizes from small to XXXXXL which just about covers everyone I think! Black is the only colour choice, but there were only ever black or white tees at the concerts I used to go to, so it's an authentic choice.

Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club T-shirt
See More Breakfast Club T-shirts
The link above will take you to a range of Breakfast Club T-shirts for both men and women which, hopefully, includes the one featured which displays Judd Nelson as John Bender and Molly Ringwald as
Claire Standish - a rebel and a princess indeed!

By the way, you can watch the video for Don't You Forget About Me at my website where there are also pictures of the the Breakfast Club soundtrack album front sleeve and the Simple Minds single sleeve.

I can also recommend visiting the 80s Rock and Pop Band T-shirts page at my website SimplyEighties.com for an A-Z of ideas.

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