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Adam Ant fancy dress costume

Adam Ant Dandy Highwayman Costume
Adam Ant Costumes at

Adam Ant created one of the most memorable and iconic style's of the 80s when he dressed as a dandy highwayman in the video for his hit song Stand And Deliver. Indeed, Adam took new romanticism to a different level back in the 80s with both his clothing and music. The costume featured above could be used to create both a Prince Charming or Dandy Highwayman style.

Highwayman pistol
18th Century Pistol £2.76
18th century pistol gun

Stand And Deliver Tricorn Hat
Dick Turpin style tricorn hat £4.03

If you've been invited to a retro or 80s themed party then you will be, of course, instantly recognisable in an Adam Ant outfit. The one featured at the top of this page includes a rather fetching jacket with gold trim and buttons, silver trousers and a matching belt. It costs under £25 at, but please note that, as with many fancy dress costumes the accessories need to be bought separately - wig, boots and shirt are not included.

To complete the look you'll also need the wig. For a highwayman look you'll also an adult-sized Dick Turpin style tricorn hat. If you're planning on asking anyone to "stand and deliver!" then you'll also need an 18th century style pistol gun. You'll be pleased to know that you can both both of these accessories and still have change from a tenner.

New Romantic 80s Costume
Funshack Adam Ant Costume
What about the make-up? You'll need either red or white face paint, depending on which look you're going for. To save on costs you could try delving into your girlfriend's or Mum's make-up bag. All you need are a couple of red stripes on each side of your face which you can achieve with lipstick (you can do your lips as well if you're brave enough!) and maybe some eyeliner, too.

In the Stand And Deliver video Adam wore only the white stripe across his nose and cheeks, so avoid the red stripes if this is the look you're creating.

Wig £7.00
This Adam Ant wig is available without the make-up kit at less than half the price.

Other costumes are also available and the other one featured on the right (or below if you're on a mobile) is supplied by Funshack and is available for sizes 38" to 48" chest, with the price starting at under £25. It also includes a shirt. See ALL Adam Ant Costumes

So, that leaves us with the boots. For fancy dress purposes then you could wear just a normal pair of boots you may have lying around. However, if you want to look authentic then you should opt for boot covers.

A search for Pirate Boots brings up some cost-effective and interesting options. The cheapest option is to buy faux gold buckles which you can simply attach to a normal pair of shoes or boots. This is a great idea and will save a lot time and money trying to find a real pair of boots

Highwayman/Pirate Boot Covers
Deluxe Boot Cover £8.14
Shoe/Boot Buckles £3.20

Please note that all quoted prices are subject to change. You can see more 80s fancy dress ideas for men at my website You may also want to check out this post on this blog - Most Popular 80s Fancy Dress Costumes for Men

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