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Create your own 80s Costume

Although simply buying a ready-made 80s fancy dress costume is convenient and hassle-free, it's not half as much fun as creating your own look - and it can be more cost-effective, too! For a basic 80s look you can't go far wrong with a tutu or ruffle/ra-ra skirt, leggings and a vest top, but you can enhance it further with further items. Read on...

neon tutu with legwarmers and fishnet gloves
80s Tutu Set at Amazon UK
You will gain lots of inspiration by simply visiting these 80s Accessories pages
From the US? See 80s accessories at

For the first part of your 80s style outfit you could use a neon tutu set which comes complete with fishnet gloves and legwarmers, and they come in a whole array of colours and styles. Prices are around £6.99, but there are lots of suppliers at Amazon UK and you may get one even cheaper here.

Of course, you now need a top, and as a cost-saving tip you could just wear a basic T-shirt or vest you already own, and then add one of these neon mesh tops, of which their are many colours to choose from.

neon pink string vest
Neon Mesh Top
Neon green leggings
Neon Leggings (choice of colours/designs)
As you can see in the first picture above, that 80s girl is also wearing a selection of bangles, bracelets and bead necklaces which really enhance the look. You could try adding some of the 80s accessories below. By the way, those leggings don't have to be a plain design, and by clicking the link above you'll see some really interesting designs. I've included a few below;

Neon Leopard Print Leggings
Zebra print leggings80s splatter paint leggings

You can also see many more 80s leggings ideas at my website

For a Madonna or rock chick look, black lace usually does the trick. Try these accessories;

Of course, there are no set rules and you can mix black and neon together for a more individual style.

eighties t-shirt for ladies
80s T-Shirts for Ladies
An 80s t-shirt is a simple way to state that you're off to an 80s party, but can also be worn out and about when the party's over. There are hundreds to choose from and you can view see lots of great ideas at my website (there are way too many to fit into this post!) or maybe one of these popular designs catches your eye;

neon 80s orange vest top
Ladies Neon Vest Top (choice of colours)
A cheaper alternative to a t-shirt is a vest top. There are plenty of neon 80s colours and designs to choose from and prices start at under a fiver.

Well, I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration in this post for creating your own individual eighties costume.

You can see more 80s fancy dress ideas at my website

You may get more inspiration from the post Top Ten 80s Costumes for Ladies

It's always good to bend the rules slightly where fashion is concerned, and by mixing a few of the ideas above, you should, hopefully, come up with something eye-catching and interesting. Above all, though, have fun while trying to create your 80s costume.

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