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Best-Selling 80s Costumes for Ladies

80s neon necklace
80s Neon Pearls Necklace
Top 10 Best-Selling Eighties Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories 

For this post, I thought I'd write down the results of my research into the most popular 80s dress-up items that you're all buying through my website Just what are people wearing to 80s style parties and events?

1. This multi-coloured (pink, yellow, orange and green), fluorescent pearl necklace (above) has been a consistent No.1 seller for some time and is a great addition to just about any 80s costume.

Black mesh top for 80s fancy dress
Madonna style mesh top

2. It was Madonna who was responsible for starting the trend for wearing rather revealing mesh tops back in the 80s. She wore a black one over her bra, and it wasn't long before almost every female in the land wanted to copy the look, and parents became horrified when their teenage daughters suddenly started displaying their bras in public!

80s Fancy Dress T-shirt for ladies
Pink 80s T-shirt (large)
3. This "I Loveheart the 80s" T-shirt is, by far, the most popular choice of tee on my website. I would recommend going for the largest size, though, if you want to wear it off one shoulder like the girl in the photo as customers have suggested that it is cut on the small side. You can see many more eighties T-shirt ideas at my website.

4. This pair of fingerless, black lace gloves is always popular, and especially ideal for creating a Madonna/Cyndi Lauper or gotchic/rock look. Costing only £1.49 inc. delivery, I'm not surprised that they sell so well. Many ladies also buy black jelly bracelets and a black tutu skirt at the same time.

80s Wild Child Costume for ladies

5. The 80s wild child costume is the best-selling Madonna style outfit, and looks just so very 80s! Based on the clothing that Madge wore in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, this includes a jacket with leopard print detailing, top, layered black tutu, lace leggings, white lace gloves and a bow headband. Please note that the wig is not included, but the two following wigs match well with the costume...

80s Tutu Set (choice of colours)

6. Tutus are always a big-seller when it comes to eighties costumes, but this complete set is the most popular. It is available in seven neon colours or black, and included an elasticated 3 layer tutu which fits sizes 8-14, matching legwarmers, long fingerless fishnet gloves, beads and jelly bangles.

However, there are lots of other 1980s style tutus available - try this link; 80s Tutus

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go T-shirt

7. The Wham Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go T-shirt has become more popular than the original "Choose Life" t-shirt in recent months, and comes in a variety of styles. Here are a couple of examples...

The song was a NO.1 hit for pop duo Wham in 1984

80s style underskirt

8. This top quality, vintage style, Gothic Petticoat Skirt is pretty versatile and could be used for 50s rock 'n' roll or 80s/Madonna fancy dress. It has received very good reviews by customers and is a consistently big seller. There are four colours to choose from; white, black, ivory and red. Add lace shorts or leggings and you have a great 80s pop star look.

neon tutu set

9. This two tone Tutu Skirt Set comes in a variety of neon colours for sizes 8 to 14 and  16 to 20 and included matching striped  legwarmers and fishnet gloves. They're more exciting than the standard tutu sets and are also ideal for fun runs. Priced at under £10 the kit is great value and perfect for 80s fancy dress.

fitted neon vest top

10. A neon vest top is ideal for adding to a number of fancy dress costumes and this tight-fitting one is the most popular one for women. It comes in six neon colours, black and camouflage army style. There are plenty of other neon vest tops to choose from, though.

More popular 80s Clothes

These Cropped Leggings with lace detailing are perfect for wearing under a tutu, and very popular with customers. They're available in the following colours; white, black, charcoal, fuschia, grey, purple and turquoise, and available for sizes small, medium and large.

80s Pop Icon Costume for Women
80s Icon Costume for Ladies
This popular 80s Pop Icon Costume could be used to create a Kim Wilde, Madonna or rock chick look and includes a vest top, mesh top, tutu skirt, leggings and belt. It's available in sizes 12-14 and 16-18. The majority of fancy dress costumes comes without the accessories, but the only one required with this one is really the wig, unless you're happy with having your own hair being given an 80s makeover, of course. Here are a couple of wig suggestions...

So there you have it, you're top ten 80s fancy dress costumes for ladies. I hope that this post has given you some good ideas for your next party or event...have fun!

Also check out the 80s fancy dress page at my website

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Superman and Supergirl Costumes

Superman costume
Superman Costume for Men

If you've always wanted to become a superhero then now is your chance! This authentic-looking retro Superman costume includes a jumpsuit, cape and belt and will look fantastic at any fancy dress party. There are many suppliers on the Amazon UK website and so I have linked to all of them so you can obtain the best price. There more modern "Man Of Steel" costume is also available.

If you're going with a partner, then why not see if you can persuade her to dress as Supergirl?

Supergirl 80s Costume
Supergirl Costume

The Supergirl costume is also available from a number of suppliers, and one supplier was selling the outfit for just £19.99 ($11.99 in the US), although the standard price appears to be around £24.99 which is still very decent. 

As popular as ever are the Superman T-shirts. There are a staggering number of these available at Amazon, with prices starting at well under £5. They are available in a wide range of colours, too. Why not wear one with a funny wig for a cost-effective and amusing fancy dress idea? Of course, the T-shirt can also be worn as everyday casual wear, so you can carry on wearing it long after the party's over.

Superman T-shirts for Men and Women

Superman Tees at
Superman T-Shirts at Amazon UK

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