Thursday, 16 May 2013

80s Computer Geek Fancy Dress

8 bit pixel graphics spectacles
8-bit style 80s geek glasses at Amazon UK

Dressing up as an 80s geek is both fun and simple, and wearing a pair of nerdy specs and a computer/ science related T-shirt is all you really need, although I'll discuss other items that will help to enhance your geeky look further down this post.

Now, I really like these glasses (above), and the blocky 8-bit graphics styling which is reminiscent of the old computer games from the 80s is a fun idea. Perfect for 1980s fancy dress, they come in four colours, and would also make an ideal, fun gift birthday gift for a computer boffin. There are also many other geek style glasses available at Amazon UK...

This pair of wayfarer style specs has received the best reviews by customers, and at under £3 including delivery, they're good value.

bow tie for geeks
Bow Ties for geeks
There is a wide range of styles of bow ties available, and I've linked to the toys and games section at Amazon where you can find the lowest priced, fancy dress style dickie bows which you can just clip on. Prices start at under £2, and a bow tie will really enhance you nerdy look.

Of course, computer geeks from the 80s movies didn't always dress smartly. Often they wore computer gaming t-shirts supporting their favourite companies such as Atari, Commodore and Sinclair, or popular computer games of the time such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. And every geek could complete a Rubik's Cube faster than everyone else! Here are some ideas...

no i will not fix your computer t-shirt
Amusing computer geek T-shirt

Rubik's Cube T-Shirt
Rubik's Cube T-Shirts
Commodore T-Shirt
Commodore 64 T-Shirts
Sinclair ZX Sectrum t-shirt
ZX Spectrum T-Shirts
Atari T-shirt
Atari T-Shirts
Also try these searches;

Pac-Man T-Shirts
Space Invaders T-Shirts
Frogger T-Shirts

You can create more of an office geek or YUPPIE look with an 80s style brick phone and a pair of braces over a long-sleeved shirt...

Inflatable 80s Brick Phone
Inflatable 80s Brick Phone
Yuppie Trouser Braces
Trouser Braces

50s Geek
adult geek nerd costume
Geek - Nerd Costume
For a 50s geek look, this complete geek outfit for men includes check trousers, shirt with bowtie and the geeky glasses. You can also buy the costume without the specs. If you don't want the trousers then try this tartan geek kit...

Tartan Geek Kit

Also check out the 80s Fancy Dress page at my website and also the 80s T-Shirt page.

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Good luck in your quest to become an 80s computer geek, unless you're really were one, of course, in which case you have been there and worn the t-shirt!

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