Thursday, 2 May 2013

Inflatable 80s Mobile Brick Phone

giant inflatable 80s brick phone
Giant inflatable retro mobile phone
Remember when mobile phones were the size of a brick? This over-sized, blow-up 80s style brick phone is a fun accessory that is ideal not only for an 80s party, but also for a Dom Joly impersonation. The price isn't as huge as the phone, thankfully.

For a quick and easy 80s costume why not simply wear an 80s T-shirt like the guy above and carry the phone around with you? Alternatively, wear with a shirt, tie and braces for a YUPPIE look, and you could even add some wayfarer style geek glasses. The phone could be be used to enhance any 1980s costume, though, and will be a great talking point at a party.

So, what about the wig, T-shirt and 80s style Aviator shades featured in the picture?

Smiffy's 80s Wig80s Wig Made in the 80's Costume for menMade in the 80's Costume for Men

1. Smiffy's 80s Street Wig
2. Made in the 80's Costume
3. Aviator Shades £2

That particular T-shirt can be bought as part of a complete fancy dress costume. Although this particular tee isn't available to buy separately, there are a number of other Made in the 80s T-shirt designs available. Here are a couple of examples;

Made in the 80's T-shirt - choice of colours
80s T-shirt (choice of colours)

Neon 80s T-shirt for men
Neon 80s T-shirt
Neon 80s T-shirt for men
You can read more about 80s Fashion at my website, which also has links to some great 80s fancy dress and T-shirt ideas.

For more ideas on other uses for your inflatable 80s phone, you may like this post Top Ten 80s Costumes for Men

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