Monday, 24 June 2013

Best Pacman T-Shirts

Pac-Man on Abbey Road T-Shirt
Pac-Man on Abbey Road T-Shirt

I first encountered the Pac-Man arcade game at my local youth club back in the early 80s. I've had a fascination with game ever since and have played just about every version ever released! Well, I need to get out more, obviously, but now I find myself indoors on a lovely June day writing about the munching mad man again! This time, though, I'm focusing on clothing and not the actual game. So, for this post I've hand-picked my favourite tees featuring our hungry, yellow friend.

What a retro double delight this first T-shirt is. The iconic Abbey Road and the Pac-Man characters together in one image. It's a great idea, and the T-Shirt is available from a number of suppliers (in various colours and styles) at Amazon UK.

This tee for women (priced at £15.95 plus delivery at features a clever and amusing Pac-Man design with a pumpkin theme. Obviously, it's perfect for wearing at Halloween and is available in a range of colours.

Here's another clever design just for ladies - you just have to love it!

Pac-Man eating money t-shirt
Pac-Man eating money tee
Pacman eating money t-shirt
This tee is very popular at the moment is this design which is available for sizes Small to XX-large, although it's only available in red. Priced at just £8.95 with £1.99 for shipping, it's being sold by 6 Tee Niners at Amazon.

Funny Pac-Man Tees

Here is my selection of the funniest designs that caught my eye...

I Scored in the 80s T-shirt PAc-Man Six Pac Funny Tee Pac-Man Nom Nom Nom T-shirt Pac-Man Cookie Monster T-shirt Pac-man Ghost DJ T-shirt Pac-Man Ninja Turtles Tee I see dead people pacman t-shirt

Pac-Man Ghost T-Shirts

I like these ghost T-shirts and the gents and ladies tees featuring the eyes looking in opposite directions would be great to wear as a couple. The ladies red t-shirt is actually available in many colours in sizes 10-16. The men's T-shirt featuring the orange ghost (Clyde) is only available in a charcoal colour, but is an officially-licensed product. By the way, if you're scratching your head wondering what the names of the four ghosts are, they're Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

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Pac-Man Vinyl and Cassette T-Shirt
Pacman Vinyl T-Shirt
Vinyl Pacman T-Shirt
This tee has to win an award for the most imaginative design. It features a vinyl record in the shape of Pac-Man who is about to munch on a cassette, with a larger vinyl Pac-Man behind them lurking behind them. Very 80s and very original. Again, it's made from 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk for the best quality. There's only the one colour, but it's available in all sizes. Although the T-shirt looks grey in the photo, the description suggests it's white. I'm not really bothered either way, just as long as it isn't in pink!

So there you have it - my favourite Pac-Man T-shirts. There are many, many more designs available, of course, so just click the link below to browse the whole range at Amazon - you may be some time!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

80s Party Ideas

80s party ideas
80s Party Pack
If you're thinking about hosting an 80s themed party, but you're looking for some much needed advice and inspiration, then you've come to the right place. Firstly, the Party Pack above will help you to host your own 80s night. It includes a CD of quiz games, original 80s music CD, invitations, name tags, gourmet guide and a poster game.

80s Party Music

If you're hiring a DJ then just make sure he has an extensive collection of 80s songs. What a disaster your night would be if he/she decided to play the latest deep house tunes - no, I'm not sure what deep house is either!

Providing your own songs is as simple as buying a decent compilation CD. However, some CD's don't contain the original tunes, or re-recorded versions by an ex-member of the original 80s band  - they simply don't sound the same at all!

80s Karaoke Party DVD
80s Karaoke Party
This DVD is highly rated by customers and contains 60 sing-a-long tunes, which should be enough to keep everyone entertained for the whole evening. The Zoom karaoke DVD's are always of a decent quality, and the backing tracks are professionaly recorded.

If karaoke isn't your thing, then a decent compilation CD is required. Unless, of course, you have a decent collections of vinyl and something to play it on.

The Edge Of The Eighties is, in my opinion, the best and most unique compilation available. If you want your guests to listen to some decent acts, instead of the run-of-the-mill stuff found on the majority of compilation CD's, then this is for you. Acts included Visage, Japan, Soft Cell, The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees to name but a few. The choice of tracks has been compiled by a genius (there are 53) and customers seem to love this CD. If you want to host the coolest 80s party of the year then get this CD!

For the ultimate party CD, 80s Pop 100 Hits would be my No.1 choice. For a start 100 eighties tunes should be enough to get you through the whole evening. Take a look at the list of artists and you'll recognise just about every one. This CD is guaranteed to go down a storm and there is something for everyone. Bros, Five Star, Tears For Fears, Cyndi Lauper, Adam Ant, the list goes one. Okay, there are one or two cheesy acts, but they always go down well at just about any party. This is a very strong compilation of popular and original 80s chart hits - what more could you want?

There are dozens of CDs available, though, so click this link to see them all 80s Compilations or try this search for 80s Party Music at Amazon. Obviously, you should check the ratings and reviews to make sure that the original tunes are featured. In the majority of cases they are, and the more popular sellers are usually a safe bet. 

I've carefully selected the three compilations above for the choice of original tracks. They're all highly rated, but also feature popular songs that are more suitable for a party, rather than listening to on your headphones. 

Party Invitations

Your guests really need to know when and where your party is, obviously, and these invitation cards at really look inviting;

Totally 80s Invitation Pack
Totally 80s Party Invitation Pack

80s Party Accessories and Decorations

You're going to need a few items to make your party look like it's been set in the 1980s.

Totally 80s paper cups
80s Tableware - Paper Cups
These paper cups come in packs of eight and will enhance the 80s theme. Matching paper plates and party whirls are also available...

totally 80s paper party plates
Totally 80's Party Plates

80s party whirls
80s Party Whirls
Another idea would be to add one or two 80s posters to the walls or near the entrance. Check out the retro posters page at my website for some great ideas.

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I hope that I've given you a little inspiration in this post, at least. Whatever you decide to do - have fun!