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Best Pacman T-Shirts

Pac-Man on Abbey Road T-Shirt
Pac-Man on Abbey Road T-Shirt

I first encountered the Pac-Man arcade game at my local youth club back in the early 80s. I've had a fascination with game ever since and have played just about every version ever released! Well, I need to get out more, obviously, but now I find myself indoors on a lovely June day writing about the munching mad man again! This time, though, I'm focusing on clothing and not the actual game. So, for this post I've hand-picked my favourite tees featuring our hungry, yellow friend.

What a retro double delight this first T-shirt is. The iconic Abbey Road and the Pac-Man characters together in one image. It's a great idea, and the T-Shirt is available from a number of suppliers (in various colours and styles) at Amazon UK.

This tee for women (priced at £15.95 plus delivery at features a clever and amusing Pac-Man design with a pumpkin theme. Obviously, it's perfect for wearing at Halloween and is available in a range of colours.

Here's another clever design just for ladies - you just have to love it!

Pac-Man eating money t-shirt
Pac-Man eating money tee
Pacman eating money t-shirt
This tee is very popular at the moment is this design which is available for sizes Small to XX-large, although it's only available in red. Priced at just £8.95 with £1.99 for shipping, it's being sold by 6 Tee Niners at Amazon.

Funny Pac-Man Tees

Here is my selection of the funniest designs that caught my eye...

I Scored in the 80s T-shirt PAc-Man Six Pac Funny Tee Pac-Man Nom Nom Nom T-shirt Pac-Man Cookie Monster T-shirt Pac-man Ghost DJ T-shirt Pac-Man Ninja Turtles Tee I see dead people pacman t-shirt

Pac-Man Ghost T-Shirts

I like these ghost T-shirts and the gents and ladies tees featuring the eyes looking in opposite directions would be great to wear as a couple. The ladies red t-shirt is actually available in many colours in sizes 10-16. The men's T-shirt featuring the orange ghost (Clyde) is only available in a charcoal colour, but is an officially-licensed product. By the way, if you're scratching your head wondering what the names of the four ghosts are, they're Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

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Pac-Man Vinyl and Cassette T-Shirt
Pacman Vinyl T-Shirt
Vinyl Pacman T-Shirt
This tee has to win an award for the most imaginative design. It features a vinyl record in the shape of Pac-Man who is about to munch on a cassette, with a larger vinyl Pac-Man behind them lurking behind them. Very 80s and very original. Again, it's made from 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk for the best quality. There's only the one colour, but it's available in all sizes. Although the T-shirt looks grey in the photo, the description suggests it's white. I'm not really bothered either way, just as long as it isn't in pink!

So there you have it - my favourite Pac-Man T-shirts. There are many, many more designs available, of course, so just click the link below to browse the whole range at Amazon - you may be some time!

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