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Boy George Fancy Dress Costume

Boy George Fancy Dress Costume
Boy George Costume (UK)

Firstly, I would like to recommend also checking ebay for Boy George outfits as they have the biggest number of fancy dress suppliers I've seen and very low prices. However, I know that some people prefer to use Amazon (most of you will probably already have an account with them) and so I have provided links to them for ease of use.

British band Culture Club achieved success with four top ten albums in the UK during the 1980s, and also a string of top ten hits including Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?, Church Of The Poison Mind and The War Song, to name but a few.

However, it was the worldwide No.1 hit single Karma Chameleon that is probably remembered the most. In particular, the video is remembered for lead singer Boy George's signature look, where he wore a black derby hat with long braids that had colourful ribbons tied on the ends.  

If you want to obtain Boy George's 80s look then a hat is the most essential part of the outfit. Perfect for an 80s party, the costume above includes a black hat with attached wig, long white printed shirt and black waistcoat. The price for the complete outfit is around £20 at Amazon, and this varies slightly depending on what size you purchase. The shirt is also memorable for the fact that is featured coloured numerals, which is, no doubt, because the album that featured the song Karma Chameleon was called Colour By Numbers.

However, if you just want the hat then you'll be pleased to know that you can buy one separately...

Boy George Hat
Boy George 80s Hat

This hat is perfect for wearing to an 80s event, and everyone who knows anything about the great decade will instantly recognise that it's a Boy George hat. Please note that this hat is different to the one included with the costume.

Boy George in the 80s
Boy George in the eighties
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