Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ghostbusters T-Shirts

Whether you're looking to dress-up for Halloween, or even an 80s or retro-themed party, these Ghostbusters T-shirts will be ideal for helping you to create your look. They're also great for just wearing casually when the party's over, of course, so you can get good value for money out of them if you're a tight ar*e like me!

I will be including Tees for both UK and U.S. visitors - the blog statistics show that around half you are viewing from the U.S. and it would be a great pity to alienate you.

Distressed Ghostbusters Logo 80s T-shirt
Distressed Ghostbusters Logo T-shirt UK

I went to see the film with a friend at the local cinema way back in 1984 (yes, I am that old!), and this faded design is a personal favourite of mine as it has the look of a tee that has been worn since that time. You can buy this design in sizes small to XX-large.

Ghostbusters Bravado Logo T-Shirt
Ghostbusters Bravado Logo T-Shirt UK

This is a cool design, and has a faded, retro feel to it, although it's only available in X Large for Men. However, customers comments suggest that the sizing is on the small size and so this would be more accurately described as just a large.

Stay puft Marshmallow Man T-Shirt
Marshmallow Man T-Shirts UK
We all remember the stay puft giant marshmallow man from the climax of the original Ghostbusters movie don't we? However, he can be seen before this on a packet of Marshmallows and on an advertising board during the film. This T-shirt represents that, but you will also see many other designs featuring stay puft when you click the UK link above.

These would look great at a halloween party and are a bit more novel than your usual, predictable scary costumes.

Ghostbusters Ghost Logo T-Shirt for Men
ALL Ghostbusters T-Shirts
The standard Ghostbusters ghost logo design remains the most popular choice with customers at Amazon, and is available from several different suppliers in a whole range of sizes.

To see everything available at Amazon UK try these links;

Ghostbusters Belts
Ghostbusters Clothing
Ghostbusters T-Shirts

Don't miss my post on Ghostbusters Costumes on this blog. You can also seem more 80s T-Shirt ideas for ladies and gents at my website

Whatever you do, Have fun!

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