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Ska Two Tone Fancy Dress Costumes

ska two tone checked hat and braces costume
Ska / Two Tone Check Hat and Braces
2 Tone music was created in Coventry in the Midlands and was first heard in the late 70s. It was partly influenced by Jamaican reggae and ska, and if you're of a certain age, then you will remember the popular 2 Tone and Ska revival bands such as The Specials, The Beat and Madness. Many youngsters will probably know who Madness are after their appearances in 2012 at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert and the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

Ska T-Shirts

The first outfit (above) is a very simple and cost effective way to create a 2 Tone look if you're strapped for cash. If you want to wear something more exciting than a plain, white T-shirt, then you could opt for one of these...

Ska T-Shirts at Amazon UK
This is probably my favourite design, but you can see the whole range by clicking the link above. Here are a few more examples...

There are also ska and 2 tone T-shirts available for ladies, too. T-shirts are a great way to create the look of a 2 Tone/Ska fan - known as Rude Boys and Rude Girls.

Ska and 2 Tone Fancy Dress Accessories

Chessboard Ska Skinny Tie
Chessboard Skinny Tie

Wear one of these ties with a black shirt for a very authentic ska look.

Wayfarer Sunglasses
Black, Wayfarer Sunglasses
Rayban Wayfarer's were often worn as part of the Jamaican gangster style look, although there are plenty of cheaper relicas available, with prices starting at under a fiver.

Trilby or pork pie hats were an essential item for many bands of the era, and you can see some of the members of The Specials wearing them on their debut, self-titled 1979 album...

Specials debut ska album
The Specials debut LP

2 tone trilby ska hat
See ALL 2 Tone Trilby Hats

Ska 2 Tone White Trilby Hat
Ska 2 Tone White Trilby
 I particularly like this stylish white trilby which is also available in black.

Also worn were Pork Pie style hats...

Pork Pie Trilby Hat
Pork Pie Hats at

Grey Tweed Pork Pie Hat for 2 Tone/Ska Dress-up
Grey Tweed Pork Pie Hat
I particularly like this high quality grey tweed design which caught my eye.

However, for lots of low-cost options I would recommend this search for gangster hats.

The 2 Tone and Ska styles borrowed from the 1960s Mod fashion, and the Harrington jacket which had a tartan lining was also popular... 

Classic Harrington Jacket
Harrington Jacket

White socks with black brogue shoes, loafers, Doc Marten boots or Monkey Boots would also enhance your outfit, although any smart-looking, highly polished black shoes would suffice for fancy dress.

Rude Girls wore winklepickers or monkey boots

As far as trousers are concerned, you could get away with a pair of jeans, just so long as they're not too wide at the bottom of the legs. Straight leg and skinny fit jeans would be perfect. However, for a really authentic costume you should opt for some mod style drainpipe trousers, and the tweed ones below (third pair) look particularly good. The first pair of skinny jeans are the most cost-effective option.

1. Enzo Designer Slim Fit Jeans (five colours)
2. Mod Style Pinstripe Skinny Trousers
3. Classic Slim-Fit Tweed Trousers

Girl fans (Rude Girls) wore short checkered, black and white or plain short skirts with tights. Here are some ideas...

Two Tone Black & White Checkered Mini Skirt
Two Tone Mini Skirt
Longer style 2 Tone chequered skirt
Longer style Chequered Skirt
This longer style jersey skirt is ideal if you're uncomfortable with wearing short skirts, and it's available for sizes from 8 to 20. It's made from high quality jersey material.

Women's black and white check shorts
Women's Check Shorts
black and white checked 2 tone shorts

Ladies black and white checkerboard tights
Checkerboard Tights
2 tone tights

More accessories to consider (click the pics to see more details)

Ladies, if you're feeling too lazy to create your own costume, then you could always buy this unique-looking, ready-made outfit which includes a stretchy lycra skirt, check top and matching headband. Please note that the bangles and beads are not included, but I've included some picture links below...

Women's 2 Tone Ska 80s Costume
Women's 2 Tone Ska 80s Costume

Also try these searches at Amazon;

2 Tone Ska Clothing
Ska Clothing
Gangster Fancy Dress

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