Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Space Invaders T-Shirts

Just recently, I've noticed many new Space Invaders inspired T-shirts appearing on the web. In this post, I want to showcase not only these latest T-shirts, but also the most highly-rated, most popular and most interesting ones available. So, if you want to relive the arcade mania of the 80s then read on...

Doctor Who Space Invaders T-shirt
Doctor Who Invaders Shirt
One of the coolest T-shirts available right now is this officially licensed Dr. Who meets Space Invaders design which is proving to be highly popular. The spaceship has become the TARDIS with Daleks as the invaders - neat idea! It's available from the official Doctor Who store at Amazon.

Bike Invaders T-Shirt for men
Bike Invaders T-Shirt
This bike invaders T-shirt is currently the most popular invaders-themed T-shirt on Amazon UK, and would make for an ideal gift for both a cycling and retro gaming fan. It's a nice idea and at just £9.99 it won't break the bank. It's made from 100% heavyweight cotton and available for sizes small to XX large.

Space Invaders skinny tee in 80s colours
Ladies Space Invaders Skinny Tee
This new invaders-inspired T-shirt has 80s neon colours and is a skinny fit for sizes 8-16. Another nice design and also nicely priced at £10.99.  

Hotscamp Space Invaders Black T-Shirt
Hotscamp Premium Invaders T-Shirt
The most highly-rated T-shirt for men is the one above. HotScamp have a reputation for quality, and it seems that customers are more than pleased with this particular t-shirt which features a screenshot of the classic video game.

Blue Space Invader T-Shirt
Space Invader T-Shirt
This unisex T-shirt has a simple design and comes in seven colours, although I've picked out the blue one above as my personal favourite. It's made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and costs £11.99. I like the simple design and it is less fussy than some of the designs around.

Retro Space Invaders Monster T-Shirt
HotScamp Space Invaders Monster T-Shirt
If you're old enough to remember the original Space Invaders arcade game (I used to play it at Youth Club) then you'll remember the monster that was printed on the cabinet. The cool design above features that very monster, and will be instantly recognised by retro gaming fans, or anyone who experienced an 80s childhood. It's made by HotScamp, so there should be no problem with quality. However, as it's only available in large and X-Large in black, you may also want to check out the other shirts available featuring this design in other colours and sizes.

See ALL Space Invaders Monster T-shirts 

Well, I've picked out my favourites, but there are many more designs available, of course. To end this post I'll leave you with a few more interesting designs...

See All Space Invaders T-Shirts at Amazon UK

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costumes

We all remember the original Where's Wally books don't we? Maybe you don't, but they were first launched in 1987, and in North America are known as Where's Waldo? They were created by the children's author and illustrator Martin Handford.

Whether you're male or female, if you're stuck for a good 80s fancy dress costume idea, then how about dressing-up as the legendary Wally or his girlfriend Wenda?

Where's Wally Costume

Now, I was going to suggest the four piece Wenda costume kit above for ladies, but on checking the customer reviews there are far too many negative comments. However, a much better alternative is available which also comes with a skirt...

Where's Wenda Costume
Where's Wenda? Costume
This five piece outfit includes red and white striped tights and top, bobble hat, round geek glasses and a blue skirt. It's available in sizes extra small to 14 and has received a much more positive response by customers at Amazon UK.

For men, there are lots of Wally costumes available, with and without the blue trousers.

Where's Wally fancy dress costume
Where's Wally Unisex Outfit
If you're on a budget, then this striped t-shirt with hat and round glasses should fit the bill. It's priced at just £8.99, plus delivery, and is available in sizes small to XX large.

Wheres Wally Costume for Men
Complete Where's Wally Outfit
The best-rated and most popular, complete Wally costume is this one. It's available for sizes 42/44 chest and looks really authentic.

However, there are many more costume options and you can see everything available through this link Where's Wally Costumes

Here are some examples;

Whether you choose to dress as Wally or Wenda, or neither, have fun at your party or event. For more 80s costume ideas visit the 80s fancy dress page at my website