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Halloween Tutu Costumes

There are two obvious colours that can be associated with Halloween, and they are black and orange. There are hundreds of orange and black tutus available, but if you want to look really special this Halloween then it pays to be a bit more selective.

For this post, I have hand-picked the very best-looking tutu-based costumes that can be worn to 80s or Halloween parties and events. Have a gander at this lot...

80s Orange Tutu Set
80s Orange Tutu Set
If you're looking for good value then this first tutu set should fit the bill. Priced at well under £10 inc. delivery the set includes a 3 layer tutu (a choice of colours are available) with matching legwarmers, long fishnet gloves and neon gummy bands. It's perfect for both an eighties or Halloween look.

Pumpkin Face T-shirt for Ladies
Pumpkin Face T-shirt for Ladies
This pumpkin face Tee would look great with an orange or black tutu and is available in sizes 10 to 18 and a range of different colours.

1. Orange Striped Tights £3.75
2. Pumpkin Bunches Wig £9.99
3. Halloween Pumpkin Bag £6.00
4. Skeleton Over The Knee Socks £10.99

Please note that these prices are subject to change.

One or more of these accessories would also go perfectly with your halloween costume. I particularly like the cute pumpkin wig with the bunches.

Black Tutus

Black Frilly Tutu
Black Frilly Tutu
Made in England (that's rare these days!) this tutu features gorgeous layers and is trimmed with white ribbon. It's available in two sizes; 6-14 and 16-22. However, you may prefer one of these;

1. Deluxe Black Tutu Petticoat Skirt £6.00
2. Black Corset Top & Tutu (choice of styles) £12.00-£25.00
3. 7 Layers Pointed Tutu Skirt £14.99
4. Black and Purple Tutu with Silver Beads and Satin Lining £10.00
5. 7 Layers Longer Pointed Peacock Tutu £13.49

Orange Tutus

Halloween Tutu Skirt
Orange and Black Tutu Skirt
Now this gothic style, neon orange and black tutu skirt really looks like it was made just for Halloween and features 7 layers. It has a stretchy waistband and fits sizes 6 to 16. It's not cheap at £13.99, but if you want to knock 'em dead at Halloween then this is a great choice.Here are some more spooky tutu skirts that caught my eye...

80s Halloween Tutu Set
Lace and Net Tutu Set
This 80s style, 3 layer tutu set includes a layer of lace and comes in a range of colours for sizes 6 to 16, and includes striped legwarmers and plain fishnet gloves. At just £9.99 it's also really good value.

Of course, orange and black aren't the only colours that you can wear at Halloween. Here are some more great suggestions. The pictures link to Amazon UK.

Tutu Witch Costumes

If you're feeling lazy then there's no need to create your own tutu costume. You could always buy a complete, ready-made outfit;

tutu witch costume for ladies
Orange Tutu Witch Costume

Proving that witches can be attractive, this outfit (available for sizes 6 to 18) consists of a tutu style dress, sleeves, witches hat and spider hold-ups - the broomstick is not included. However, there are plenty more tutu witch costumes available in other colours. The prices range from £22 to £29 inc. delivery.

If you're on a tight budget then this one may be of more interest...

Cheap Witch Costume
Budget Witch Costume - under £10
This no frills outfit includes a tutu, cape and hat. The size is only quoted as "standard", so you'll have to judge whether you think it may fit you.

Witches Broomsticks
You may want to consider a broomstick to complete your look. There is a nice range available at Amazon UK and the link above takes you to everything available.

Don't miss my post Tutu Skirts for Halloween which features even more great ideas.

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