Sunday, 11 August 2013

Space Invader Fancy Dress Costume

Green Space Invader Costume
Green Space Invader Costume
In my last blog post I wrote about Space Invaders T-Shirts. So, what better way is there to follow-up with than to write about the actual fancy dress costumes?

I have very fond memories of the hours I spent playing Space Invaders at my local Youth Club. This was the most popular arcade game of the early 80s, and you can celebrate this truly classic game with one of these costumes. They're ideal for retro, 80s or gaming events and parties, and available in green and red - perfect for couples.

Red Space Invader Fancy Dress Costume
Red Space Invader Costume
The unisex costumes are made from a soft foam to ensure they're easy-to-wear and retain their shape. Just slip on and away you go!

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  1. How can I get this costume in the US? The websites are all European based with out shipment options to US.

  2. Unfortunately, these costumes are not available at in the US - sorry!