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Tartan Punk Fancy Dress Costumes

Tartan Punk Girl Costume
Tartan Punk Girl Costume Kit
During the late 70s and into the 80s, punk rockers wore tartan to show their discontent with the ruling class. This was particularly poignant because tartan was associated with authority, particularly the military and rich upper classes.

Where fancy dress is concerned there are many tartan costume options available. This first costume (above) consists of a tartan tutu, braces and fingerless gloves, and comes in a display pack. It currently has a 27% discount, which I hope still applies when you're reading this post! The fishnet stockings/tights, boots and wig are not included. However, all of the items contained in the outfit can be bought separately, which may be a better option if you want to guarantee the correct tutu size.

Red Tartan Tutu Skirt
This tartan tutu is available in two sizes (6-14 and 16-22) and is actually made in England. It has an elasticated waist for an easy fit and black net underneath the tartan. It's a nice choice for forming the base of your costume.However, there are a couple more options...

The tartan mini skirt is nicely priced and is also available in black and white and sizes 6 to 16. The second option was slightly cheaper (as I write) and gives you even more colour choices, although you'll need to feel comfortable with wearing a 9" micro skirt.

However, there are many pages of tartan skirts available at Amazon and you're really spoiled for choice.

red tartan leggings
Tartan Print Leggings
A short skirt isn't a great choice during the winter months, of course, so you may want to opt for leggings instead. If you want to be more authentic then you'll need a pair of skinny jeans...

Tartan Skinny Jeans Ladies
Tartan Skinny Jeans from £19.99
Although a more expensive option than leggings, you do get a more realistic look. I've linked to the whole range above, but here a few examples of the colours available...

After choosing your skirt or trousers you'll need some more accessories for an authentic punk look...

Tartan Braces
Spikey, Black Rock Wig

1. Glam/Punk Rocker Wig
2. Female Pink and Red Punk Wig
3. Black Punk Rock Wig
4. Blonde Punk Wig

See ALL Punk Wigs

1. Punk Choker
2. Studded Punk Mittens
3. Studded Fishnet Gloves
4. Leather-Look, Thigh-High Boot Tops

Sex Pistols T-Shirt
Sex Pistols T-Shirts from under £10
The top half of your costume leaves you open to many options. A Sex Pistols T-shirt is an obvious choice, and there are dozens of designs at Amazon UK. I've linked to the whole range above, but if you want to see just ladies T-shirts then try this link Ladies Sex Pistols T-Shirts

Here are some more suggestions;

The Union Jack was also regularly seen in punk fashion and matches well with red tartan skirts and trousers.

All you need now are some fishnet tights (which you may want to add some rips to) and you have your complete tartan punk rocker outfit.

You can find more 70s and 80s fancy dress ideas at my website


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