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Bill And Ben - The Flowerpot Men - Fancy Dress Costume

So, who's old enough to remember the original Bill and Ben series? Simply titled The Flowerpot Men, the children's TV series first aired way back in 1952 as part of Watch With Mother on BBC1. It was repeated throughout the 1960s and 70s, and I certainly remember watching it back in the early 1970s when I was a wee lad.

The duo lived behind a potting shed in the garden and talked in oddle poddle (sounds like my neighbour!) and were friends with Little Weed. A new series was created in the Noughties, bringing the duo to a whole new audience.

Bill and Ben Fancy Dress Costume
Bill and Ben Fancy Dress Costumes
If you're going to a fancy dress party with a friend or partner and you've been stuck for an idea, then I suspect that these two guys never even entered your head! So, if you're looking for an original idea then this could be your answer.

These bright and colourful costumes would look great at any party, but especially one with a retro or TV theme, and they would also be highly appreciated at a kids party, too. The outfits could also be used at a gardening event or to promote a garden centre. There are, no doubt, countless other uses for the costumes.

The costume above includes a top, orange trousers, yellow pot hat with yarn hair, bow tie, gardening style gloves and double sided flower pot which is actually a drink holder.

Little Weed Costume
Little Weed / Flower Costume
You may also want Little Weed to accompany Bill and Ben to the event/party. This cute-looking costume includes a dress, leggings and headpiece, and would also be ideal on its own at a gardening-themed event.

If you're looking for 70s and 80s Fancy Dress then be sure to check out my website for lots of ideas.

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