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Create A Blues Brothers Movie Fancy Dress Costume

The Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Kit - hat, tie and shades
Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Kit £6.59
The Blues Brothers film is very memorable for a number of reasons, and it had everything a decent 80s movie should have; Two well-known actors (John Belushi and Dan Akyroyd), mouth-watering chase sequences, amusing dialogue and infectious music with lots of appearances by big name singers including Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker, to name but a few.

For a movie or 80s-themed party (and stag do's!) a Blues Brother's theme is a great idea, and it can also a low-cost option if you dress-up wisely. The most essential part of the look is a Fedora hat, black tie and Ray-ban wayfarer shades. Don't worry, though, as you don't need to spend a fortune on the real McCoy.

The versatile fancy dress kit above (which is currently just £6.59 at Amazon) includes a fedora style hat, black tie and Wayfarer style shades, and this is cheap option for group dress-up such as a stag do. The kit can also be used to create a 2 Tone/Ska or gangster look, too. You can also buy just the hat and glasses if you already own a black tie.

Blues Brothers Fedora Hat - Black
Smiffy's Fedora Hat £5.99
Of course, you can buy each of the items separately, too...

A whole range of Fedora style hats are available, and there are several being sold for under £10. Wayfarer sunglasses can be bought for under £2.

To complete your look you'll need a black suit and a white shirt. In the summer months you won't really need the jacket, and if you have some black jeans then you can wear these instead. However, if you really do want to look the part then you'll need a black suit.

The Blues Brothers Suits
Blues Brothers Costumes
The official Blues Brothers costume includes a jacket and trousers with a Blue Brothers inscription on the chest of the jacket. The costume does not include the accessories, so you'll need to order the kit above to complete your look. With the suit and accessories together you'll have little change from £35, and you'll need two, of course.

A far better option is to actually buy a proper suit. A search for black suits at Amazon came up with some excellent offers, with a couple of suits available for under £20, so it's worth checking out the offers. Of course, you can then use the suit for other occasions afterwards.

Please note that all prices quoted are subject to change.

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