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Gary Numan Tubeway Army T-Shirts

Gary Numan Tubeway Army T-Shirt
Gary Numan Tribute T-Shirt - small to XXX large

The 1980s music charts just wouldn't have been the same without those classic Gary Numan tunes such as Cars and Are Friends Electric? Both with and without the Tubeway Army, the English singer/songwriter created some Synthesizer masterpieces, and many of us are very glad that he managed to find his way after moving from job to job in his teen years.

When he was still Gary Webb, the budding musician briefly joined the the air corps, drove a forklift, fitted air ventilation and even worked in an office to earn a living whilst playing part-time in several bands. Chart Success finally came his way during 1979 with his band Tubeway Army, with the single Are Friends Electric? and the album from which it was lifted, Replicas, both topping the British charts.

After the success of the second album, Tubeway Army's self-titled debut album was then re-released with the new stencil artwork featured on the T-shirt shown below, reaching #14 in the UK album charts. However, I like also like the enhanced artwork on the first T-shirt which is a recent design.

1. Gary Numan/Tubeway Army tribute ladies fitted T-shirt - all sizes
2. Original Tubeway Army Artwork T-Shirt - sizes Small to Large

You may prefer the original artwork in its unaltered form which is shown here on this large-sized men's tee. The back features the wording "Gary Numan" which is a nice touch. This particular tee is available in sizes small, x-large and XX-large, but not medium. However, the 100% official Gary Numan T-shirt is available in all sizes up to XX-large with the price ranging from £15.99 to £19.99.

There are many suppliers selling the Tubeway Army album sleeve design T-shirts at competitive prices on Amazon and you can see a whole page of them using the following "it does exactly what it says on the tin" link:

See all Gary Numan T-Shirts at Amazon UK

You can watch Gary Numan Videos and read more about his work at my website

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