Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Create a Back To The Future 80s Costume

Back To The Future DeLorean T-shirt
Back To The Future T-shirt
Although this post is written for the UK market, if you're from the U.S. then you can find many of the items on this page using the search box above.

Of all the logos to come out of the 1980s, the "Back To The Future" movie logo is certainly one of the most iconic and memorable. This makes it ideal for using on clothing to wear at 80s-themed parties and events. Some clever people have also come up with other imaginative uses of the logo, as we'll see further down this post.

I'll be showing you how to create a really decent Marty McFly costume in a moment. But I want to start with the Back To The Future T-shirt. I particularly like the first one here which features the DeLorean time machine. If you're going to a fancy dress party and you really hate dressing-up, then a T-shirt is a simple, but effective solution. There are plenty of tees to choose from, and some are more geeky than others.

Here are a couple more designs that you may want to consider...

Flux Capacitor Back To The Future T-shirt
Flux Capacitor T-shirt
Doc Brown Enterprises T-shirt

The theme isn't quite as obvious, and you need to have a little knowledge about the movie to realise what the designs relate to. Not everyone is going to know what a Flux Capacitor is, for instance, but these T-shirts are a cool choice for those wanting to express just a part of their geeky knowledge of 80s movies!

Now, I did mention another clever use of that logo.

Back To The 80s glow in the dark T-shirt for men
Glow In The Dark Back To The 80s T-shirt
I really need to get this tee which is available in many colours and in a full range of sizes. It's a real head-turner and ideal for any 80s-themed event.

You can go one step further by adding a Marty McFly style gilet. McFly, of course, was the lead character in the film played by Michael J. Fox.

Red Gilet for Marty McFly dress-up
Red Marty McFly style Gilet
At under £20 inc. delivery, this red gilet is ideal for forming the main part of a Back To The Future themed costume. It's not an exact replica, but for a low-cost option it's a good choice. You could simply wear it over one of the tees above, but for a more authentic look you'll need a denim jacket and checked shirt as in the photo above.

Finding a check shirt that matches the one above proved to be difficult. It needs to be a long-sleeve shirt so that you can roll-up the cuffs over your denim jacket cuffs.

Marty McFly Checked Shirt
Checked Shirt by Esprit
This first one was on offer at £19.99 with free delivery and the colour goes well with the gilet. To be honest, I would doubt that many people can remember the exact shirt that Michael J. Fox wore in the film anyway, and this is supposed to be fun dress-up, so I wouldn't loose sleep over the finer details!

Marty McFly Style Checked Shirt
Shirtmaster Checked Shirt
This low-cost Shirtmaster checked shirt is available for £10 to £13 (depending on the size chosen) and would be ideal if you're on a tight budget. It also requires little ironing, and as someone who hates ironing this would be my choice! The shirt shown has blue and black checks and two other colour choices are available.

Denim Safari Jacket for Marty McFly costume
Denim Safari Jacket £12.99
This lightweight denim jacket is very reasonably-priced, although it's only available in a medium size for whatever reason. However, this next jacket is available in sizes small to XXXXXX-large, which should cover just about everyone!

Vintage Stonewashed Denim Jacket
Classic Stonewash Denim Jacket - Blue or Black
As I write, this jacket is on sale at £17.95 to £19.95, but as this offer may have ended by the time you're reading this, then I would recommend that you browse through the substantial range of mens denim jackets avaialble from the many suppliers at Amazon to see what is currently on offer.

You can really enhance your look with this budget calculator watch and low-cost, high top trainers...

I was one of many teenagers who received a calculator watch back in the 80s as a Christmas present, and they were hugely popular in the first half of the decade, with Casio being the leading manufacturer.

Classic 80s Calculator Watch by Casio
Classic 80s Casio Calculator Watch
If you want the real McCoy, then you'll be pleased to know that Casio are still manufacturing the same classic watch that Michael J. Fox wore (as Marty McFly) in the first two Back To The Future films. Of course, this will add a significant amount to your costume budget, but you will also have the pleasure of owning a cool retro watch that can be worn for many years to come.

There were two pairs of trainers/sneakers worn by McFly. They were both by Nike and the standard pair were white with a red Nike logo and a red sole. He also wore a pair of self-lacing, grey and white hi-tops which he used whilst on the hover board. Finding the exact trainers has proved to be impossible, but as well as the budget pair already featured above, you may like to consider these low cost options...

Nike white trainers with red logo
Nike Brutez Trainers
Although Nike trainers with a red sole and logo are simply not available (trust me, I've looked everywhere!) this pair is about as close to the originals as you're likely to get. However, at £39.99 this will put quite a dent into your budget.

I hope that you have found this post helpful towards creating a Back To The Future costume. You can read a review of the Back To The Future film at my website

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