Friday, 29 August 2014

Punk Anarchist Costume for Men

Mens Punk Anarchist Costume
Punk Anarchist Costume for Men
Punk rock started around the mid 1970s and developed into many different styles as the 80s approached. It was not only the music that was anti-establishment, but the clothing, too. Tartan was popular with the upper classes and punks wore it to rebel against them, along with offensive T-shirts, ripped clothing, leather jackets, safety pins, spiked and studded jewellery etc.

Punk fashion is a fun fancy dress idea and this anarchist outfit includes a jacket, top and tartan trousers. As with most fancy dress costumes the accessories are not included, allowing you to accessorize the outfit however you desire. Here are some suggestions.

Spiked Punk Accessories
Punk Accessories
The link above will take you to a whole array of accessories (including studded and spiked chokers, wristbands and gloves etc) from the many suppliers at

Punk button badges
Punk Button Badges
These pin badges are a fun idea and will add the finishing touch to your costume.

Here are some more fun accessory ideas that caught my eye;

Punk Rock Pin Badges
See All Punk Badges £3.99
Studded Elasticated Wrist Bracelet £1.49
Multi-coloured Mohican Wig £4.94
One of the most popular and best-remembered punk hairstyles was the mohican or mohawk. If you want to turn heads with your costume then this colourful wig should do the trick. At under £5 (as I write) the price is very competitive and this wig would look fantastic with the anarchist costume.

However, there are many other punk wig styles available and here are some recommended searches;

Mohican wigs
Punk wigs for men

For more punk dress-up ideas you may also want to take a look at the Punk Costumes page at my website