Sunday, 12 October 2014

Top Gun Aviator Overalls - Jumpsuit

Top Gun jumpsuit costume for men
Top Gun Official Costume
No discussion about 80s movies would be complete without mentioning the 1986 action movie Top Gun. The main stars were, of course, Tom Cruise (Maverick) and Kelly McGillis (Charlie). If you're looking for an 80s themed costume idea then a Top Gun costume would make a very decent choice.

I'm going to start with the most popular and official choice which is shown above. This is a complete fancy dress outfit which includes the overalls with sewn-on badges and the aviator shades. Simply wear a white T-shirt underneath to complete your look.

However, you can create a much more cost-effective costume by purchasing some low-cost overalls and a pack of sew-on/iron-on badges.

Dutch Army Issue Overalls £10.99
These surplus supply olive green army boiler suits are brand new and unused and ideal for creating a Top Gun costume.

Top Gun sew-on/iron-on embroidered badges tags
Pack of six iron-on/sew-on embroidered badges £7.99

Air force dog tags Aviator Wings Pin Badge

1. Smiffys Dogtags
2. Gold Aviator Wings Metal Pin Badge

You can also add these dog tags and the metal aviator wings pin badge for a more complete look. Please note that the quoted prices are always subject to change.

You can see more costume ideas on my Top Gun Fancy Dress page at
To get you in the Top Gun mood why not watch the video for Berlin's Take My Breath Away

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