Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Doctor Who Peter Davison Costume

Fifth Doctor Who Fancy Dress Costume
Official Fifth Doctor Costume
If you watched Doctor Who back in the 1980s, then you can't fail to remember that the fifth Doctor (played by Peter Davison) had a costume style that was based on an Edwardian cricketer. It included a cream-coloured frock style coat, a V-neck cricket jumper, striped trousers, plimsoles and a panama hat. He also wore a celery stalk on his left lapel.

If you're looking for a good costume idea for an 80s, sci-fi or film and TV themed party or event, then you'll be pleased to know that you can buy a complete fifth doctor costume from Rubies at for a reasonably-priced £33 including free delivery.

The outfit featured here is officially licensed and is available for sizes 38" to 42" chest. You can also choose a larger size for up to 46" chest. The costume includes a jacket with attached mock cricket jumper shirt, striped trousers and hat. Add some white plimsolls to complete your look.

You can also purchase an official BBC Peter Davison white cricket jumper for a really authentic look, although it will set you back £49.99.

Official BBC Peter Davison Cricket Jumper
Official BBC Peter Davison Jumper
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