Monday, 22 December 2014

Throw a Doctor Who Themed Party

Official Doctor Who Party Balloons
Official Doctor Who Tardis Balloons

If you're stuck for a good theme idea for a party (for kids or adults) then you may not have considered Doctor Who. This is an ideal theme for sci-fi, film and TV, retro and 80s parties and events.

No retro party would be complete without balloons, and the official Dr. Who balloons are your safest bet to ensure a decent quality. Beware of very cheap balloons which often burst when you blow them up!

You can buy these balloons from Amazon in both the UK and U.S., which is good news as the majority of readers of this blog are from both countries.

Doctor Who Party Pack - paper cups, plates and napkins.
Doctor Who party pack

This official party pack includes just about everything you need to create a fabulous table. Featuring daleks, cybermen and tardis graphics, it includes 8 X Party Cups, 8 X Party Plates, 16 Party Napkins, 1 Tablecloth 120 X 180cm, 1 Banner 15 X 198cm and a Pack of 10 Balloons.

Once again, this official product is available both in the UK and U.S., but please note the item is sent from a company called Frugal Fairy based in the UK, so please allow plenty of time for delivery if you live in the U.S.

Doctor Who Tardis LED String Lights
Doctor Who Tardis String Lights
Now, these LED Tardis lights are are a fabulous idea and will be a great talking point at any party.

Please note that if you live in the British Isles (like myself) the lights are sent from the U.S. and come with a 2 pin plug, so you will need an adapter for them, although these only cost £1.05 at Amazon.

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Every party needs a cake, and Lakeland produce a very cost-effective topper kit which includes seven items; Tardis, Angel, Dalek, the Doctor, K9, Cyberman & Clara.

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit by Lakeland
Lakeland Dr. Who Cake Decoration Kit

Create a TARDIS-shaped cake

Being the useless cook that I am, just the thought of trying to create a cake shaped like a TARDIS has brought me out in a sweat! Thankfully, there is an easy solution in the form of a silicone mould.

Doctor Who TARDIS cake mould set
Tardis non-stick gelatin cake mould
Now, that cake looks most impressive, but you'll need to eat it quickly, of course, before it disappears!

Sadly, the mould is not available here in the UK, but there is an alternative Dalek mould;

Dalek non-stick, flexible cake mould
Dalek Non-Stick Cake Mould

You can read more about Doctor Who in the 80s at my website

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