Saturday, 24 January 2015

80s Paint Splatter Leotards

80s neon paint splatter leotard
80s Neon Splatter Paint Leotard
During the 80s fitness craze, splatter paint designs became highly popular on leotards and leggings. A paint splattered leotard was usually worn with plain or shiny leggings. Also popular were splatter leggings worn with a plain or shiny leotard, but it was rare to see both the same design of leggings and leotard together, although the rules of fashion were there to be broken back in the 1980s, so I'm pretty sure that there were some fitness freaks who wore both together.

I would recommend wearing plain or shiny leggings in pastel or neon shades with the leotard above for a classic 80s workout fashion style.

Unfortunately, leotards or bodysuits adorned with a splatter paint design are very hard to find, but I managed to find a very 80s leotard at as shown above. Sadly, this isn't available at the UK store.

However, leggings are a different matter and there are several designs available at both the UK and U.S. Amazon stores.

Neon 80s Paint Splatter Leggings
Neon Paint Splatter Leggings

Splatter Paint Leggings at

Splatter Paint Leggings at Amazon UK

If you're from the UK then you can see a wide range of 80s leggings ideas at my website

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