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K-9 Doctor Who T-shirt

Doctor Who K-9 Haynes Manual T-shirt
K-9 Haynes Manual T-shirt at Amazon UK
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Affirmative Master!

If you're looking for a T-shirt that is both 80s and geeky then I have found the perfect item for you. This official tee features the robotic dog K-9 as a Haynes Manual illustration, and is the ultimate in retro geekness. Both much-loved and much-hated, the character first appeared alongside the fourth doctor (played by Tom Baker) in 1977. You may also remember that he starred in a spin-off programme called K-9 and Company alongside the Doctor's companion Sarah Jane Smith who was played by Elisabeth Sladen. More recently, K-9 Mark IV featured in The Sarah Jane Adventures also starring the original actress Elisabeth Sladen.

Very much like a well-known brand of yeast extract spread, you either loved or hated K-9. I think he was a great addition the the series, and being both loyal and logical (and not leaving a mess everywhere he goes!), I reckon every home needs a K-9!

Back to the T-shirt and at £7.95 (plus shipping) it's not going to break the bank and is available for sizes small to X-large. There are, in fact, several suppliers selling the tee for a much higher price on Amazon and across the web, and this is, by far, the best price I've seen.

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I want to leave you with a picture of the K-9 talking plush toy which, although expensive at £27.79 inc. delivery, is very adorable and huggable!

K.9 Doctor Who Talking Plush Toy
K-9 Talking Plush Toy

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