Thursday, 26 March 2015

80s Posters

You just knew that you had finally become a teenager when you stuck your very first poster on the wall of your bedroom. I actually stuck my first batch of posters on the bedroom door using sellotape, much to the horror of my parents who were yelling at me about the fact that when I try to move the sticky tape I will take the gloss paint with it. When I eventually discovered blu-tack, I then started ripping out the poster pages of my Smash Hits magazine collection.

If you're planning on throwing an 80s party or event, then a few posters to adorn the walls with is the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your 80s look. This will also instantly remind everyone attending the party of their own teen years, and will create a talking point, too.

80s Film and TV Posters x 10
Pack of 10 Film and TV Posters £5 + P&P
Of course, it would have been mainly pop music and movie posters that most of us stuck to the walls, and this set of 10 x A4 posters sold by 80s Material Girl available at is very good value and just perfect for any 80s event. You can see a whole range of poster ideas using the link below;

80s Party Posters

Arnie Terminator Poster

80s Metal Bands poster set
80s Metal Bands Poster Set x 10
You could add an 80s metal/hair band theme with this set of 10 x A4 posters.

If you're simply looking for some arty 80s decor then have a nice range of posters and prints. The prices are more expensive than the film and music posters at Amazon, but they will add a quirky and artistic look to your overall theme.

I particularly like this design featuring multiple cassette tapes which is £9.95 plus delivery.

Some of the best value and most eye-catching 80s posters at Zazzle are by Corey Tiger and start at just £6.57 per poster. They feature mainly neon animal print and splatter paint designs, all of which were highly popular in the 80s, of course.

Here are the most eye-catching designs that I spotted by some other designers...

After selecting the item above, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a range of products featuring the same fantaqstic design including pillows, laptop and iPhone covers etc.

For the ultimate wall decoration you could try this huge "Totally 80s" scene setter by Amscan which is amazing value at just £5 including delivery;

I Love The 80s Wall Decoration
Totally 80s giant wall decorating kit

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