Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Top 10 Best Rated 80s Skirts

There is no shortage of skirts available with an 80s theme, but which are the ones that customers are the most satisfied with?

Well, there are a number of items that have received plenty of five star ratings and positive comments, and which are always popular sellers through my website

Black Madonna Petticoat Skirt

1. Madonna Petticoat Skirt

Massively popular and very highly rated, this vintage style skirt is ideal for creating a Madonna 80s costume. It's also available in white and many other colours.

Leg Avenue Pink Petticoat Skirt

2. Leg Avenue 80s Petticoat Tutu Skirt

This skirt is perfect for 80s dress-up and is also available in orange and black which is ideal for Halloween. Although it hasn't received any ratings in the UK, there are dozens of five star ratings at the U.S. AMazon store.

Wet Look Gold Skater Skirt

3. Shiny Pleated Skater Skirt

Available in many colours, this cute skirt is ideal for creating a whole number of outfits. It features a stretch fit and has a wet-look shine. This one isn't available in the UK unfortunately.

Tiered Tutu Skirt

4. 1980s Tiered Tutu Skirt

This colourful creation would look great at any 80s party and has received plenty of postive reviews. This exact skirt is not available in the U.S., but I have included an excellent alternative which has also received high customer ratings.

Deluxe Black Skirt with Bow

5. Deluxe Black Tutu Skirt

A top quality skirt from Wicked Costumes at a budget price! Very popular, but only available in the UK so I have added an alternative choice above. This skirt is also available in a Plus Size.

Pink Zebra Print Skirt

6. Pop Party Zebra Print Skirt

Animal print was very popular back in the 80s, and this fantastic skirt with bold, neon pink colours would be a real head turner at any party.

Black or Neon Tutu Set for 80s Fancy Dress

7. A-Express Neon Tutu Set

A complete costume kit which is available in a wide range of colours. Tutu sets are very popular in the UK and ideal for not only 80s dress-up, but also fun runs and hen nights. This is the best rated of all the sets, and has received over 60 five star ratings.

Five Layers Tutu Skirt

8. Five Layered Tutu Skirt

Available in a wide range of colours, these neon party skirts are low-cost and highly rated. Ideal for 80s and fun dress-up. Not available in the UK.

Neon UV Party Skirt
9. Neon UV Party Skirt

Available in two sizes from 8-18 and nine colours, this budget skirt is ideal for an 80s weekender, club wear, fun runs etc. Not available in the U.S.

Tiered Ruffle Skirt Green

10. Tiered Ruffle Ra-Ra Skirt by EyeCatchClothing

Available in 15 colours, this slinky, ruffled mini skirt is perfect for 80s fancy dress and is low-cost, too.

Here are a few more highly-rated skirts by customers at;

The following skirts are available in the UK;

Well, I hope that's enough skirts for you to choose from. Of course, positive reviews doesn't guarantee that any product will be ideal for you, but it does, at least, give you a much better chance of purchasing something half decent,

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