Monday, 30 March 2015

Totally Awesome 80s Cushion Designs

Just recently I've been noticing a growing number of cushions featuring designs that have a strong 1980s theme. Perhaps that's because I have a keen eye for everything 80s, but there's certainly no shortage of companies producing such items these days. So, for this post I bring you the most totally awesome cushion designs with an 80s theme.

Now, because these products are pretty niche the prices aren't cheap. However, if you have a room that's crying out for a quirky makeover, then these cushions (also called throw pillows by posh people) will certainly create a talking point. They're also ideal adding the finishing touch to the decor at an eighties party or event, of course.

There is little more that I can say about cushions, so without further ado, I bring you a stack of 80s cushions...

I said they were awesome didn't I?

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