Friday, 17 April 2015

Vyvyan Basterd Young Ones Punk Costume

Vyvyan Basterd Young Ones Costume
Vyvyan Basterd Costume

Out of all the 80s costumes available, there's nothing that provides quite as much fun as a punk costume. Punk fashion was created as an anti-establishment and anti-materialistic statement, and this gives you the freedom to go crazy with your look. You can rip your clothes, add safety pins, belts and chains and generally go wild!

There were too many different punk styles to feature here in one blog post, but we can have fun recreating a very memorable one, at least.

If you're feeling too lazy to create a fancy dress costume from scratch, you can opt for a ready-made one instead. The one featured here is representing my favourite character from The Young Ones comedy series,Vyvyan Basterd who was, of course, played brilliantly by Ade Edmondson. The outfit includes a denim-look waistcoat, T-shirt, wig with orange hair and bracelets for your wrists. Unfortunately, it doesn't include the trousers, but you can always add a pair of old denim jeans and add a few extra rips to them. 

At around £35 the costume isn't exactly cheap, and it is missing the chain and padlock that Vyvyan wore around his neck, so I did wonder whether you could save a bit of cash by creating a similar look using separate items. Despite extensive searching on Google and Amazon, the cheapest denim waistcoat I could locate was this was at Eastbeauty Store on Amazon;

Denim Waistcoat for Men
Izacu Slim Fit Denim Waistcoat
Initially, I thought I'd found a real bargain as the price is just £12.99. However, the £10.12 shipping quickly wiped the smile from my face. Nevertheless, at £23.11 it's still the best value item I could find, and it's ideal for creating a punk costume with.

By adding some punk-themed button badges to the waistcoat you can easily create a punk style, and there are oodles of them at Amazon.

Punk Button Badges
Six Punk Button Badges £2.99

This six pack is the great value at £2.99 including delivery.

Okay, so far we've spent £26.10, but we still need a wig, T-shirt, chain and padlock and bracelets. Of course, you could get away with wearing a plain T-shirt (preferably black) underneath your waistcoat.

Anarchy Symbol Punk T-shirt for Men
Anarchy Symbol T-shirt £5.99
This tee by Bullshirt features the iconic anarcho-punk symbol which became prevalent in the late 1970s. At just £5.99 including delivery it's certainly the best value punk shirt I could find.

Sex Pistols Punk T-shirt
Official Sex Pistols Tee £6.48

Chain and Padlock for punk fancy dress
Blackspur Chain and Padlock £3.99
chain and padlock
Black Leather Gothic Punk Spike Bracelets
Black Leathger Gothic Punk Spike Bracelet
With a padlock and chain costing around £3.99 and two bracelets costing £12.66, the ready made costume is certainly looking more like a bargain now. We're already well over budget and we still need a wig. Unfortunately, there is no Vyvyan Basterd wig available to buy separately, and a search for "orange punk wig" failed to bring up anything that resembles his hair style.

Orange, Spiky Punk Wig
Orange, Spiky Punk Wig £9.99
This is the closest style I could find. I know, it's far from perfect, but you could gel-up the centre (or use water and hairspray) to give it more lift.

Alternatively, you can free yourself from the limitations of trying to look like Vyvyan Basterd and have more fun creating a completely different punk costume using the different accessories.

Punk Rocker Mohawk Wig
Punk Rocker Mohawk Wig £6.99
Multi-coloured Punk Wig
Multi-coloured Mohican Wig £4.75

You van view many more punk costume ideas at my website

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Funny 80s Mullet Wigs

Funny Mullet Wigs

Jason Donovan Mullet Wig
Jason Donovan Mullet Wig
If you're planning on dressing up for an 80s party or festival then a wig is essential for creating a fun look. If you want to get people around you laughing then a mullet wig is almost guaranteed to do the job!

The most popular 80s wig that is sold through my website ( is the first one featured here. I've labelled it as a Jason Donovan wig because it reminds me very much of the hair style that he adopted when he played Scott Robinson in the Aussie soap Neighbours - how I miss coming home from from a hard day at work and putting my feet up on the sofa to watch the latest episode.

This isn't the cheapest wig option, but it's certainly one of the better quality ones and has, so far, been highly rated by customers.

Sporty Mullet Wig

Mullet Wig with Headband
Mullet Wig with Headband (3 styles)
This mullet by Mullet On The Go (with headband) is sold by a number of suppliers at Amazon and is available in three styles. It's good value at under £10 and ideal for creating a fun workout look.

Best Value Mullet Wigs

Blonde Mullet Wig for Men
Low-Cost Blonde Mullet Wig
The best value mullet wig is this very blonde one which is produced by the popular fancy dress supplier Rubies. A large range of suppliers are selling the wig at Amazon and this has pushed the price down to £5.99 (this is subject to change at any time, of course!).

One of these four wigs will also give you plenty of change from a tenner...

Mullet Wig with Goatie Beard Black 80s Mullet Wig Brown 80s Mullet Wig Hillbilly Mullet Wig

  Most Awesome Mullet Wigs

Awesome Mullet Wig by California Costumes
Awesome Mullet Wig by California Costumes
Some of the most amazing costumes are produced by California Costumes and, thankfully, they also supply some fantastic-looking mullet wigs, too. You're not going to get a lot of change out of £20, but if you really want to look the part then one of their fine-looking mullets will get you noticed.

80s Rock Star Mullet Wig
80s Rock Star Mullet
If you want to look like an 80s rock star then this wig is for you. It looks very much like the hair style that Daryl Hall (from Hall and Oates) wore. It's the ultimate mullet style and perfect for wearing with a leather motorcycle jacket. Leather fringe jackets (with tassels) were all the rage back in the day, but they're very hard to find these days.

Faux Leather Biker Vest T-shirt
Faux Leather Vest Tee

You could create a fun biker/rock look using this fantastic T-shirt which looks like a leather biker vest over a T-shirt. This is an excellent idea and a great way to create a rock style without spending a fortune on a real leather vest or jacket.

Smiffy's Mega Mullet Blonde Wig
Smiffy's Mega Mullet Wig
New Romantic Mullet Wig
Duran Duran/New Romantic Wig

Finally, the award for the best value and best rated mullet wig goes to this one, which has a new romantic feel. Priced at under £10 and with plenty of good feedback, this is the ultimate mullet wig!

For more 80s costume ideas for men take a gander at my website.