Sunday, 31 May 2015

80s Polka Dot Tutu Costume for Women

80s Costume for Ladies - Polka Dot Skirt, matching hair bow, armlets and neon leg warmers.
80s Polka Dot Tutu Outfit

Polka dots seem to become fashionable at some point in almost every decade, and back in the 80s there was a resurgence in 1950s style polka dot fashion. Madonna wore black and white polka dot leggings with a white tutu skirt for the movie Who's That Girl, and Princess Diana donned several dotty outfits which had a strong 50s influence.

You can read more about 80s polka dot fashion at my website, but for this post I'm going to concentrate on a low-cost costume that will look fantastic at any 80s themed event or party, and you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

The outfit featured at the top of this post costs just £9.99 plus £3.00 delivery (as I write) although it doesn't include everything shown. What is included is the pink, polka dot tutu skirt, matching armlets and headband hair bow.

The top, leg warmers, tights and beads are not included, but you can buy these at low-cost from Amazon and this leaves you free to create your own unique costume. Here are some ideas;

Strappy Camisole Top by Fruit of the Loom
Strappy Camisole Top £3.55 inc. delivery

If you're on a tight budget then a plain, Fruit of the Loom camisole top is ideal.

wire-free, lace leisure bra top
Wire-free, lace leisure bra top

Black Lace Top 

For more elegance, or to add a touch of Madonna's 80s fashion style try this leisure bra top.

Sleeveless Camisole Top with lace detail by Le-Ben
Sleeveless top with lace detail by Le-Ben

If you're not quite brave enough to wear a bra top as outerwear (as in the 80s), but would like the elegance of lace then this stretchy camisole top should fit the bill and is available in a range of colours.

Off-shoulder 80s top
Off-shoulder 80s T-shirt

Alternatively, this "I love the 80s" tee can be worn off-the-shoulder and is available in sizes 8-10 and 12-14.

There is a full page of tops and tees priced under £10 at our website.

Finally, add these neon beads and leg warmers to complete your look;

Neon 80s bead set
Neon 80s Bead Set
1980s stirrup leg warmers
Leg Warmers
Sexy patterned tights
Sexy Patterned Tights

Pink, Footless Tights for an 80s Costume
Pink Footless Tights
You can see a wide range of 80s costume ideas at our website