Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rubik's Cube Inflatable Seat

Official Inflatable Rubik's Cube Seat
Official Inflatable Rubik's Cube Chair by Rubik's at Amazon
If you would like to add a touch of fun 80s style to your home then I have something here that will make you jump out of your chair with excitement - then you can sit back down again on this inflatable seat which looks like a giant Rubik's cube!

Unlike many inflatables, this is made from plush material which makes it a pleasure to sit on and this is the official design from Rubik's Cube themselves. Now, I know a good many people who really would like to get their hands one of these, and it would be great as an extra chair (especially in a child's room) or to add some quirkiness to a room or even an office.

After the Ideal Toy Corp bought the license to sell the cube in 1980, it quickly became the biggest-selling toy in the world. There are now literally hundreds of cube-related gifts available which shows just what an incredible design it is. The 3D puzzle was invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik and was originally called The Magic Cube. It first went on sale in 1980 as Rubik's Cube which is why it became synonymous with the decade.

Rubik's Cube Bag

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