Tuesday, 23 June 2015

80s Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Kit

Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Kit
Blues Brothers Dress-Up Kit

I have fond memories of watching John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elwood Blues, and the most popular costume item for men bought through my website ( is, by far, the Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Kit. I don't know the exact reason for this, but I would imagine that the low cost, easy-to-wear and fun nature of the item has a lot to do with it, The low price makes the kit ideal for groups and stag dos, and just about everyone who lived through the 80s will, of course, remember The Blues Brothers movie.

The kit originally comprised of the Fedora hat, black tie and Wayfarer style shades, but now also includes stick-on sideburns making it more complete and even better value for money. The lowest-priced supplier is I Love Fancy Dress through their store front at Amazon UK. There are several other kits available, including one by Smiffys which includes a harmonica, but it costs over double the price of the set featured above.

You can, of course, but any of the items in the kit separately.

There are quite a number of suppliers selling Fedora hats, but if you want them for fancy dress purposes then your best option is to search the Toys and Games section at Amazon, rather than the clothes section. Try the following search;

Blues Brother Hat

Blues Brothers Fedora Hat
Blues Brothers Fedora Hat (Pack of 2) £2.79
The cheapest option was this pack of 2 Fedoras by Partyrama.

Total Blues Brothers Hat and Sunglasses
Total Blues Hat and Sunglasses £5.93
This Total Blues hat and glasses kit by Henbrandt is also great value and has been receiving high ratings by customers.
80s Ray-Ban Blues Brothers Sunglasses
80s Ray-Ban Blues Brothers Sunglasses

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