Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Smiths 80s Band T-shirts

The Smiths Hatful of Hollow T shirt
The Smiths T-shirts at Amazon UK
If you were asked to name one of the most influential British bands of the 80s, then The Smiths would certainly be in the top five for a good many of you, I would imagine. The alternative rock/Indie pop band from Manchester may have only been active for five years (1982-87), but in that relatively short period they managed to create a pretty substantial following. The band still appear to have a big fanbase judging by the number of T-shirts that are sold through my website

Best places to buy The Smiths T-shirts

Amazon UK has an extensive range of designs, including the most popular Tee featured at the top of this page, as well as designs adorned with the band's frontman Morrissey. If you're from the U.S. then you'll be delighted to know that stock a range of Tees, too, although it's not as ample as the UK store.

A more substantial range can be found at ebay, although, once again, if you're browsing in the British Isles then you're probably going to see a bigger range of designs. I've added a live feed at the bottom of this post so you can view all the latest offers - I've set the feed to only include brand new "buy it now" items from only top-rated sellers. Many quality suppliers sell their wares through ebay these days, so you'll probably be able to pick up a bargain here.

I was really hoping that Zazzle would sell a few shirts, at least, as you can personalise any product on the site. However, a search for "The Smiths T-shirt" came up with absolutely nothing related to the band - darn!

If you would like a more quirky design than the more popular choices, then try a search for the newest arrivals at Amazon UK as this usually throws up a few different ideas.

The Smiths album covers baseball shirt for men
The Smiths Record Covers Baseball Shirt 
This baseball shirt features nine vinyl record covers and offers something a little different to the standard short-sleeved shirts. It's sold by a company calling themselves Morrissey and The Smiths at Amazon (they sound official, although I have no idea whether they are or not) and they have three pages of high quality merchandise including heavy weight shirts, bags and posters.

The Smiths Sheila Take A Bow Heavyweight T-shirt
Sheila Take A Bow Ladies Tee
This ladies heavyweight T-shirt is one of many designs being sold by the aforementioned Morrissey and The Smiths company.

Morrissey Daffodils, James Dean, Billy Fury T-shirt
The Smiths Fury Dean  Daffodils T-shirt
Now, just about any fan of The Smiths will, no doubt, remember that performance on The Tube in 1984 where Morrissey can be seen with a bunch of daffodils in his back pocket. Therefore, this shirt featuring daffodils is a nice touch, Morrissey himself and people who have influenced him such as James Dean and Billy Fury are also featured, and so it's no wonder that this design is a very popular choice at Amazon. Apparently, its hand screen printed near Manchester, too!

Keep Calm and Listen to Morrissey Mug
Keep Calm Morrissey Mug

Although it has nothing whatsoever to do with T-shirts, I just had to include this trendy "Keep Calm and Listen to Morrissey" mug by the Victorian Printing Company. It's an exclusive design and made here in the UK and would make an ideal gift for Mozzer fans.

Well, I hope I've provided you with some decent links, and I'll leave you with the live ebay feed that I promised earlier in this post. You can see many more retro rock and pop band T-shirts ideas at my website.